Best Speaker Video Contest, enter now!

Last year about this time, we ran a contest to find the best speaking expert’s website.Team of business colleagues at seminar

I was overwhelmed by the response. If you missed it…

Well, this year I’m on the hunt for the best speaker video.

We’ll be reviewing videos in search for:

1. First 45 seconds – how well you capture our attention

2. Quality of presentation content (storytelling, humor, message, etc)

3. Stage presence -how well you command the stage

4. Relevence – Is your information current and useful

5. Unique – Are you showing us something we may not have seen before.

TO ENTER: Please post a link to a video (any length) on below under “Speak Your Mind”.

NOTE: The panel will ONLY REVIEW THE FIRST 5 MINUTES of your video.

CONTEST CLOSES: October 31, 2010

Panel includes: Me – Jane Atkinson

Joe Calloway – speaker extraordinaire

Robin Creasman – speech coach and video producer

  • Jim Kukral

    First? :) Here’s my speaking video. Love to be entered.

  • Theresa Rose

    Here is my video! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Mark Black

    Great idea for a contest Jane. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s but I’ll throw mine in the ring for fun:) Watch it at

  • Avish Parashar

    Cool contest! I just re-did my video:

    I am really looking forward to seeing other people’s videos as well as learning from the top entries!

  • Richard Rondeau

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my life saving video. Unfortunately, my story is not unique but it is very, very personal.

  • Rhonda Scharf

    Just a quick promo – but I think it does the trick

  • Dave Hill

    In this video I speak to 200 people. I use humorous and serious stories to help the audience learn the importance of levity and wisdom, when dealing with life’s challenges.

    Dave Hill
    Video clips:

  • Dayna Steele

    Find Your Inner Rock Star: Build Your Stage for Success!

  • Dr. Adam Bordes

    Here’s my video about healthy living and weight loss. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Karen Harris

    Here’s a link to Tim Sanders new video – hot off the presses – so hot it’s not even on his home page yet:) – xoxo

  • Jim Ackerman

    We’re all tuned to the same radio station… WIIFM. I tried to remember that when I developed this speaking demo…

  • Terri Giosia
  • David Glickman

    Great idea for a contest, Jane! Here’s my video: Thanks!

  • drlynnmigdal

    Please enter this video, thanks

  • Laurie Forster

    Here is my entry to the video contest. It works best if you are sipping wine while watching it:)

    Demo Viedo:

    Laurie Forster
    The Wine Coach

  • Arthur Carmazzi

    Hi Jane

    please enter my video, its the first thing you will see on my site at

    Thank you

  • John Young

    Very cool idea Jane. Here is my video, enjoy the experience.

  • Maureen Manley

    Fun contest. Thanks!

  • Maureen Manley

    Fun contest. Fantastic to see other speakers work and passion in action. Thanks!

  • Jason Black

    What an awesome way to spread the best of what we, as speakers have to offer! Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Here’s an edit from the Main Platform at the Million Dollar Round Table conference:

    More Videos:

    Happy to be in such good company! Thank you.
    Jason Black, Inspirationalist.

  • Arthur Carmazzi

    Wow, so many great videos, I couldn’t resit to add one more that I Just finished… Hope that’s ok! This one is at YouTube, AND I would be very grateful to get feedback and comments from my fellow speakers!!!
    Here it is:

  • jacob cherrington
  • Wayne Winsley

    Please enter my video in the contest


  • Mike Morrow
  • Hugh Curley

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Nick Bontis

    Hi Jane, great idea.

    Here is a brief 4 minute video clip in which I discuss how “technological advancement forces industry displacement”.

    Cheers, Nick

    Dr. Nick Bontis

  • Ceci Ervin

    This speaking venue had to be exactly 5 minutes long. It had to have 20 slides that auto advanced every 15 seconds. It was a excellent challenge to shove my story in a 5 minute format. I’m new to public speaking, this was my first time.

  • Maurice “Mo” Murray


    Thank you for this opportunity. It is perhaps no concidence that this month [October] is declared by SAMHSA “National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month” promoting the motto “Join The Voices of Recovery.” I nominate “Bingo!” I present the emotional core of “Bingo” in my You Tube video clip on my Web Site Home Page:

    thanks again for all your encouragement… Mo Murray

  • Manisha Thakor

    I’m so excited to be considered. Thanks!

  • Stephen Shapiro

    I have so many videos. Instead of giving you clips, fancy intros, and all the bells and whistles, I decided to give you my “meat and potatoes” video. Here is my 6 minutes at TEDx NASA, an event with 1,800 rocket scientists (and more watching video live streaming broadcast).

    Although I know you are only watching the first 5 minutes, you may want to enjoy the last minute as it is a funny story/picture from a trip I took to Australia :)


  • TJ Walker

    Great idea. I will promote this heavily on my site.

  • Venus Jones

    Hi Ms. Jane,

    When I speak my mind the purpose is to remind us all to keep that inner light on and shine.
    My video was initially submitted for another contest but you’re making me think I could add it to the beginning of my presentations.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    With a whole lot of love and light,

    Venus Jones

  • Melvin Adams, former Harlem Globetrotter

    Public Schools are my niche! I love to reach the leaders as well as the most “at risk” students and most of all connecting with them! I get to speak to the greatest kids on earth! Thanks for all you do! Melvin Adams, former Harlem Globetrotter

  • Kris Belcher

    Since going blind, I’ve found that laughter heals pain, eases discomfort and brings joy to life.
    Here are just a few examples that make my situation a bit more fun.

  • Anne Pritchard-Grady
  • Patrick O’Malley

    My video starts with a “Deal or no deal” segment where I bring in my mother as the “model”, so its pretty endearing.


    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Tom Anderson

    Here’s my entry. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Mark Allen Grainger

    What a great way to engage your tribe Jane!

    Here’s the link to my speaker demo video:

    The Inspirational Marketer
    An Uncommonly Skilled Personal Branding Strategist

  • Jesus

    Thanks for the opportunity Jane. Below is the link to my speaker video:

    With much Love and Gratitude,


  • Terry Pithers

    Thanks for this fantastic opportunity, Jane.
    Sometimes a sound glitch will even help your video, as you’ll see.

    We are a husband and wife speaking team.
    We speak together (on this video) and separately.

  • Ken Stevens

    I am honored to share my recent speech

  • Bryan Dodge

    Great Panel! Thank you for the opportunity. I am actually submitting this for Bryan Dodge. My name is Frank Massine, I am Bryan’s business partner.

  • Bill Stainton

    I’ve always enjoyed public humiliation, although generally not my own. But what the heck, here’s my video:

  • Simon T. Bailey

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my brilliance with you! Here’s my most recent video for your viewing pleasure –

    Live Brilliantly!
    Simon T. Bailey

  • Dave Horsager

    Hi Jane,
    Speaking video contest entry.

  • Mary Ellen Langlois

    Okay – well I’m going to take a deep breath and just do this. I have not been able to afford Jane one on one (yet) but find her emails very helpful! I started speaking professionally about a year ago and am receiving great response from the audiences. My speaking engagements come from word of mouth right now. My demo is a bit raw but it’s what I have right now and I would love you and your team to take a look. Uhm, I’m going to shut up now. Oh, thank you for taking your time to look at this. Seriously, I’m shutting up now…wait, my demo is also on you tube under my name Mary Ellen Langlois but I don’t know how to post it onto your site. Okay, I’m done – I’m done.

  • Michelle Ray

    Hi Jane,

    Michelle again…Not sure if it worked with the link so I am trying again to enter. Here is the link:

    Thank you,


  • Matt Hallat

    2 time Paralympic Downhill skier, Matt Hallat, talks about overcoming cancer on his way to racing on the biggest stage.

    Feel free to post comments on YouTube and let me know what you think.


  • Cindy Morris

    Greetings Jane!

    Thanks for putting this fun contest together.
    This is an excerpt from my talk: The Monsters have Escaped from under the Bed

    Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy giving the talk!

  • Adam Kreek

    Here is a celebrity-type video to be entered in the contest.

  • Jeff Mowatt

    Just did some updates to the video that we uploaded last week. Thanks!

  • lynn guerin
    not sure this went through the first time

  • and core

    Really looking forward to seeing Jane’s input on a great video!

    Here’s mine:

    Andy Core – Work/Life Balance

  • Arty Trost

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose as the top videos – and learning from your reasoning for your selections. Thank you!

  • Richard Andrew King

    Richard Andrew King’s speech contest video link:

  • Celeste Ametrine

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this contest!

  • Al Argo


    You have some great speaker demo videos posted here!
    Good luck judging! I’ve learned a lot from studying these and others across the web!

    Thanks for the contest! It’s a great idea!

    Al Argo “The Attitude Adviser!”

  • Gilda Bonanno

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

    The video I’m submitting is from my speech, “How Will You Spend Your 28,000 Days?” at the 2009 NSA Convention in Phoenix. The format was “Pecha Kucha” or as NSA called it, “20-20 Lightning Round,” which required me to deliver a speech in only 6 minutes and 40 seconds, using 20 slides that advanced automatically every 20 seconds.


  • Nate Battle

    Hi Jane,

    One more for the contest.


    Nate Battle
    Battle Coach