Diary of a Killer Keynote: How to Develop and Deliver a Keynote that Blows Them Away

Diary of a Killer Keynote: How to Develop and Deliver a Keynote that Blows Them Away

A few years back, Joe Calloway gave one of the most memorable keynotes I’ve ever heard at the NSA Convention in Phoenix. It was called “Let it Go”. I asked Joe if he would sit down with me and dissect the presentation so that speakers – no matter where they are in their careers – could learn from it.


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Step 1: Watch Joe’s live “Let it Go” presentation (Segment 1) and see what made this presentation one of the most talked about, most memorable, in NSA* history. Step 2: Watch the “Diary of a Killer Keynote” (Segment 2) and see the process of putting together and delivering a killer keynote. In this powerful digital download video, you will hear all of Joe’s techniques for:

  • opening solid
  • engaging the audience from first minute
  • using humor in the best ways (for you)
  • crafting powerful stories
  • developing timing
  • working your content
  • making your corporate clients love you
  • taking risks from the stage
  • breaking the rules
  • and much, much more.

The best investment you can make is in your speech. There is no step-by-step formula for creating a killer keynote, but this digital download video will spark your creative juices and liberate you from the confines of the traditional keynote structure. Not only will you see Joe “walk his talk” live – you will not be disappointed with this engaging “Diary” conversation. “Joe Calloway is one of the speakers that I book most for several reasons. First of all Joe makes doing business with him easy and I don’t say that lightly. He does what he can to make the whole experience a pleasure for everyone involved. Secondly, Joe doesn’t just take the job, show up and give his speech. He becomes part of our team working to design an experience that creates the desired outcome for the client. In the corporate meetings world today there is nothing more comforting than working with a speaker of Joe’s caliber who is humble enough to remember, when it’s all said and done it’s not about the speaker, it’s about the end result. The Let It Go speech will go down in history as one of the greatest presentations NSA has ever heard. It was not only a well constructed speech that was engaging and creative, it was created specifically for that audience and was intentionally designed with an outcome in mind. I personally think he is onto something!” Kris Young, Director, Speakers & Entertainment, Martin Bastian Productions * NSA National Speakers Association is an organization for experts who speak professionally. For more information to go: www.nsaspeaker.org