9 Ways an Epic Speech Can Change Lives

Can an epic speech REALLY change lives?

When I was 25, I stumbled across a Les Brown PBS special called “Live Your Dreams.” It Les-Brownwas a made for TV keynote and indeed one of those talks that could be called epic. Because of that one talk, I was prompted me get up off the couch and do something more with my life. He showed me that knowledge was the path to living my dreams and, by George, he was right!

[Tweet “For the past 20+ years, I’ve had the privilege to live in the world of professional speakers and yes, I tell you that an epic speech can change lives.”]

Given that we live in a world of Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty type reality TV shows, offering up important and relevant information is so critical.

What does an epic speech offer?

Here are 9 ways an epic speech can impact lives:

  1. Ideas that provoke thought
  2. Direction from a leader
  3. An opportunity to laugh
  4. Hope for people who are lacking
  5. Ideas to people who are stuck
  6. Energy to people who are burnt out
  7. Reminders to people who have forgotten
  8. Important information that needs to be shared
  9. A call to action that leads to change and results

In what ways has an epic speaker touched your own life? Please add your comments below.

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  • Yes, an epic speech can absolutely change lives! My life was changed in
    1991 when I heard Wayne Dyer say, “There is no way to happiness,
    happiness is the way.” That speech changed my life. I don’t know that I
    have given an “epic speech”, but I have been told that I have changed
    people’s lives with my speaking….and I haven’t even begun!!

  • Paul McIntyre

    In the late 1980s while working for the California Restaurant Association we were unwittingly thrown into the middle of the battle over secondhand smoke in the restaurant and workplaces. We’d already tried our typical methods of weaseling our way out of social responsibility and nothing was working. So our then president Don, walked down from the lectern at the Hotel del Coronado, rolled up his sleeves and started marching through the members looking them individually eye to eye asking, “what are going to do about this?” Don was such a tall skinny guy and hunched over with a wide stride, it almost looked comical. But it worked. Even the corny rolling up the sleeves.

    The feedback he got from the audience and the solution he took to the state capitol as a result, not only changed California, but changed the world. I never saw Don give anything more than a milk toast speech after that. But when he had his one one chance to hit it out of the park he did. After that my career changed. I started to feel a passion for the issue and ended up being the guy who spent more than 15 years striding across the country making restaurants and all workplaces smoke free.