Advanced Speaker

The number one complaint I hear from speakers who’ve been around awhile is that they are doing well, but they’d like to get to the next level ie: more bookings at higher fees…..FASTER! Does that sound familiar?

In my coaching programs, I’ve developed a system called Ready, Aim, Fire which takes you through 3 steps:

Ready – Let’s get very focused on what we’re selling. Define or redefine your area of expertise and your uniqueness. Decide what your central focus is (pick a lane) and who your target market will be.  Benefit – Your prospects and customers will easily understand how you could help them.

Aim – Now that we’re clear on what we’re selling, we roll that out into your marketing materials (web, print if needed, and video). Benefit – Visitors to your website will know in seconds the benefits of your work and why they should hire you.

Fire – Once your marketing materials are ready, we’ll move out to the marketplace to launch or re-launch your business. Benefit – you will have a clear strategy in place that will allow you to roll into your target markets with a strong, consistent, approach. The result… more bookings.

Jane Atkinson, Advanced Speaker CoachingMy private coaching program may, or may not, be the right choice for you.

To see whether we are a fit, simply sign up for an introductory Focus 40  coaching session.

I recommend that all new clients get a copy of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 book to help understand the Ready, Aim, Fire process for advanced speaker coaching. Click to get your copy of the book.

There are also new group coaching programs this year… The Wealthy Speaker University which begins again in January 2015! Check out our Masters Platinum program for seasoned speakers.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!