Ask the Coach: What are your burning questions?

One of the most difficult things to know in the speaking industry is how to spend your time and your money.

Everybody says “do this”, everybody says “do that.”

How do you sort it all out?

Well, if you’ve been reading The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, you likely feel confident in coach Jane Atkinson’s approach of Ready, Aim, Fire. It’s solid, it’s consistent and it helps you stay on track with your strategy.

Jane has been helping speakers catapult their careers for more than 20 years and now her knowledge is available to you!

Join us on May 1st for “ASK THE COACH” and get your burning questions answered.

Date: May 1st, 2014
Time: 1-2pm (Eastern)
Register for the class here:

We expect to see questions on:

– how to choose a lane that is viable
– how to market yourself more effectively
– fees: setting and raising them
– product ideas
– new potential speech offerings
– developing passive income

But the forum is open for you to ask your question.

Please feel free to post your questions here ahead of time.



  • Paul McIntyre

    COLD CALLING: Is one of those words that evokes the same emotions in my mind as: hell, apocalypse, divorce, etc. Yet after I’ve added everyone I’ve ever known to my prospects list, cold calling may be necessary. So since Associations are one of my targets, where do I start? Years ago I saw a printed directory for associations and it was thicker than any phonebook I’d ever seen. What’s today’s best database for Associations?

  • Lois J. de Vries

    I second Paul’s discomfort with cold calling and, although I’ve done lots of fundraising for nonprofits, I find it very difficult to ask for money for myself. I do it, but it makes me really uncomfortable and I’m probably not charging enough or approaching organizations where the pay is better.

  • speakerlauncher

    Thanks for the questions! The list is getting good!

  • In a very narrow corner of the question arena… twice in a row after presenting I’ve been glommed onto by an attendee who dominates the time and attention, who won’t stop talking, and who doesn’t seem to get that there are other people or that I’d like to move on. Do you have a suggestion for politely breaking away?

    • speakerlauncher

      Good one, it’s on the list!

  • J. Patrick Vaughn

    Though I have been speaking to groups of all sizes as a pastor for 25 years, I am new to the speaker industry. I am writing a book regarding my niche (how unlikely people bring us unlikely insights), and I am developing a series of videos for my YouTube channel. Here’s my question: at this early stage how do I market and develop a platform? What is an effective way to build a subscriber base? Thanks!

  • William Waltrip

    While I have a significant background in motivational sales speaking, coaching and training, today I spend most of my time selling the same for other speakers. What are the best ways to communicate your unique value proposition to prospective corporate clients, in a manner consistent with their speaker assessment and buying culture? For example, I can make 100 outbound calls a day, identify a handful that are willing to admit they do pay speakers, perhaps 2-3 times annually (and usually what month), yet they may NOT know when they will truly be serious about (speaker, coach, trainer) assessments, which decision makers will weigh in, or what budget constraints may be imposed. Thanks, (972) 898-9031

    • William Waltrip

      Jane, any comments on my question above?