My Biggest Blunders of 2011

I think it’s healthy to learn from your mistakes, don’t you?

And in this situation, by sharing, I might help you avoid some of my biggies.  So let’s get right to it:


You know I have people coming to me every day who want to book more speeches (Fire) when they aren’t really clear on what they are selling (Ready). So it surprised me when I did the same thing!

Mid way through the year, I decided I wanted to put on The Wealthy Speaker Masters event. I would bring in some smart people for a weekend and we’d have a great time. I got all the way thru to the marketing stage when I realized “I don’t know what value I am providing”. Yes, it would be fun to have an event, but “what was the point?”

So, after doing some research and seeing that a bunch of speakers were running events as well, I pulled the plug and went back to the drawing board. AND, with the knowledge that I wanted to provide some steady, and solid learning, combined with accountability, I came back out with The Wealthy Speaker University – Self Study, Bachelors and Masters programs (10-12 months).

The results? My two main programs sold out and I’ve added a great new revenue stream.

How can you expand on your current offerings? And when you develop them, how will you Ready, Aim, Fire?


My second blunder of the year was launching a book into a market that didn’t know me. If I had my time back, I would start blogging 3 years before launching “The Frog Whisperer” (a book on love and dating). That way, I’d have an audience, some credibility and people that know me waiting to receive the book.

I had that luxury with “The Wealthy Speaker”, but I didn’t realize how much it was worth.

If you’re thinking about launching a book, my advice is to build your market first – either through speaking or writing.

Want to share some of your blunders?Please comment below.

PS: The Self Study program of The Wealthy Speaker University is a terrific first step for anyone wanting to launch a speaking business, or take a 3-5 year business to the next level. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

  • Wow, what a breath of fresh air you are! Its hard to talk about our blunders when we are all so busy trying keep up our professional appearances. My blunder has not been resolved yet. I followed my heart and offered a Meditation Retreat in Cambodia in 2010. It was that kind of amazing that defies words. The people who participated are still thanking me for the experience. But since then I have failed three times to get enough people to do a second one. So I am looking at new ways of getting it out there! One thing is for sure that I need to build a following via blogging and social media. I have something amazing to offer but my blunder is hoping that people will stumble upon it. Apparently it doesn’t work that way.