Brand Expansion: Growing Your Umbrella

Recently I told you that I was adding a new lane to my business model. As a business owner, this is something we often do in order to achieve brand expansion and create additional business income.

As a professional speaker, you too should be looking at ways to make money when you are not on the stage. I refer to this as growing your umbrella.

Adding a new revenue stream to your umbrella takes work and focus and is not recommended for all. Note: when I speak about the umbrella, I’m talking about your business model that focuses on your lane (topic area).

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Expanding your umbrella, rather than starting a new one, is a much easier approach. What that means is adding more products and services to your offering.

What are some ways to expand? Here are just a few:

  • Consulting
  • Webinars
  • Membership Clubs
  • New or expanded product lines
  • Mastermind clubs (paid)
  • Coaching
  • Public Seminars
  • Phone App’s
  • Home Study Programs

I offer many of these in my own business model, all under The Wealthy Speaker U umbrella, and will be developing three more for the new year. Each of these gives my business a new stream of revenue and moves me away from trading time for dollars.

What are your plans to expand your speaking business? Feel free to share by commenting below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




PS: Need help getting clarity around your brand and umbrella (offerings)? A Focus 40 session is a great way to start!

  • It’s interesting to catch your thoughts on this issue. I’ve developed a growing interest in watercolor painting in the last few years and it fits so well with my pause/renewal message – as I’m able to incorporate it into business and personal travel adventures. I’ve been sharing the images in my ppt presentations, creating art notecards that I use as thank yous for clients, and just recently starting offering originals and reproductions for sale.

    Last week, I launched my 5th book and celebrated my 25th anniversary in business at an event here in Saskatoon – and added another public rib to the umbrella by showcasing my paintings as part of the Pauseworks Studio.

    Interestingly, I sold $750 in books and just over $1000 in paintings at the event. I do believe I may be onto something here.

    All the best with your new book and new ribs!

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