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Run Successful Events

This lively episode is a conversation with performance expert, speaker, author and television host, Delatorro McNeal. We discuss the career flash-points that have catapulted him to fans, fame and fortune.

Join us and learn:

– How to leverage your strengths to get to your core message
– Why you’ll want to take yourself off the pedestal
– The tactics for moving from free to fee
– Career Flashpoints, including national television


Run Successful Events

Sometimes getting your speech to “epic” means drilling down on your message and pumping up the humor. Judy Carter has literally written the book on humor with her “Comedy Bible”. Her most recent book “The Message of You”, walks you through turning your personal history into keynote gold with her powerful “mess” to message formula.

Judy provides us with:

– formulas for adding humor to your presentations
– story techniques that will keep them coming back for more
– the keys to writing a successful TED Talk – laughs by the minute


Run Successful Events
Have you had the desire to have your story seen on national t.v., or wanted to be interviewed by large network radio hosts? Have you wanted to write or be interviewed for national magazines or newspapers. Well, the good news is that media is constantly looking for stories that their readers can use.

Our guest, Gerard Braud lived in the broadcasting for 15 years as a reporter. He’s been seen on CBS, CNN, NBCand BBC. Since Gerard also understands the speaking profession, he gives us a straight up, no BS approach to working with media.

Join us and learn:

-How to identify whether or not your idea is newsworthy
-When and how to capture the media’s attention
-What works and what does not work with reporters
-How to craft what you will say for television to open with the most impact
-Why some speakers get asked back again and again
-What to expect once your national media has aired.


Run Successful Events

Do you want to learn how to run successful events? Have you ever been frustrated that audiences aren’t booking you as quickly as you’d like? Well, Michelle Villalobos took charge of her future and decided that she was going to run events and expand her business model beyond speeches. Join us and learn:

– how to run successful events
– how to build your fan base/list
– mistakes speakers make when marketing themselves
– where the most profitable revenue streams can be found.



If you have ever had trouble selling yourself, or are intimated by the idea, you won’t want to miss this interview. Colleen Francis, CEO of Engage Selling has risen from emerging speaker to the Speakers Hall of Fame so she knows the process right from the beginning.

In this podcast you will learn:

– top mistakes speakers make when selling
– where to find clients
– best practicing for prospecting
– the difference between being aggressive and being assertive
– what great sales conversations might include
– how to close the business and tee up future business.

Speaker Kent Julian discusses how he broke into the Direct Sales market as a niche speaker. He spent time researching:
1. Who hires speakers?
2. What topics do they hire?
3. What’s the best way to communicate with them?

Jim Davidson, just back from a harrowing experience to Nepal, climbing Mt. Everest, when the earthquake struck. He shares the lesson he learned and how he became the man on the ground for the media in the middle of a fire storm.

Former actor, Michael Port is the author of 5 books, including Get Booked Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, The Contrarian Effect and NY Times Bestseller The Think Big Manifesto. Michael discusses how he built his brands and grew his following to over 100,000.

Watch this conversation between Jane Atkinson (author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0) and Joe Calloway (author of Becoming a Category of One) discuss aligning your wealthy speaker business.

What does it take to rise above the rest? How do you differentiate yourself from a crowded marketplace? Joe Calloway has been doing just that for the past 30 years and right now, he’s at the top of his game. Listen, learn, enjoy.

On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker University Podcast, Jane Atkinson and Joe Calloway discuss Lessons from the Road Warrior. We’ll discuss a large, multi-city engagement – what did it take to book a big contract, to the execution of the engagement and finally to the lessons learned along the way.

For Emerging and Advanced Speakers:  This program reveals how one of the speaking industry’s hottest talents went from zero to a million in under 4 years.  Ryan Estis shares some of the mistakes he made early on and how he keeps his content cutting edge so that Fortune 100 companies ask him back again and again.

For Emerging and Advanced Speakers:  Joe Calloway and Jane Atkinson discuss the path to $20K.  After 25+ years in the industry, Joe is doing some of the best work of his career right now!  How does he keep it fresh and compelling for his audiences? Take a listen.

 For Emerging and Advanced Speakers:  Joe and Jane continue to explore why Joe’s calendar is full and how he goes above and beyond with his clients to not only get the business, but to knock it out of the park (from the platform) every time.

For Emerging and Advanced Speakers:  We talk to Kris Young, VP of BX Worldwide, an agency that delivers speakers and entertainers to corporate and association audiences. Kris digs deep with her clients to find out exactly how she can match the right speaker with the right audience to get the right result. If you want the inside track on how to work better with decision makers, take a listen.

For Emerging and Advanced Speakers:  Bob Burg shares how his book went to the bestseller list and prompted a Go Giver movement.  His business model is completely unique and although Bob speaks a great deal, he focuses on his membership and community groups for the future of his business.  Want to learn how to expand beyond speeches? Listen up.

For Emerging Speakers:  On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker University Podcast, Jen McDonough and I discuss how to get paid to speak – all of the steps to getting started and launching a speaking business. How to pick a lane, develop strong marketing language, position as an expert, set your fees, and much more!

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Expand your Fan Base webinar with Robert Stover and Jane Atkinson

Robert Stover and Jane Atkinson walk through the steps to expanding your platform and fan base.  How do you capture names and email successfully?  How do you test your offers?  How do you ensure that your clients stay once they arrive at your site?  Complete with visuals, this webinar will take you step by step through expanding your fan base.


90 Days to Catapult Your Speaking Business with Jane Atkinson and Jen McDonough

Jen McDonough and I discuss how to get paid to speak — all of the steps to getting started and launching a speaking business. How to pick a lane, develop strong marketing language, position as an expert, set your fees, and much more!