Do You Own Your Word?

Our industry lost a great speaker (and great person) this week.Keith-Harrell-2sm

Keith Harrell was a speaker who was admired and respected by many.

And his career was fascinating to watch.

Keith Harrell owned a word.

His word was Attitude.

About 15 years ago, I thought attitude was too soft of a topic to base an entire career on. You could say I had a bad attitude about “attitude”.

But Keith did exactly that. He built his entire career on one little 8 letter word. The Wall St. Journal was so intrigued that they wrote a full page about him. And because he combined that focus with his super fantastic talent, his fees went far beyond average.

Keith would want us to keep on learning, so….

Do you own a word? When people think about you, do they associate you with one thing?

A few more examples:

Vince Poscente: Speed
Mark Sanborn: Fred
Michael Gerber: eMyth
Mary Beth Kuzmeski: Red Zone

It’s not necessary for it to only be one word, but owning a word or words is definitely something for all of us to ponder.

Q. What do you want to be known for 5 years from now?

Want to share your word or words? Comment below

See you soon WEALTHY SPEAKERS (my words).

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  • we miss Keith too.

    My word, Trust.

  • I word like to be known for the words

    Emotional Healing

  • Hi Jane, I have been known for a few words. :o) But mostly, “Shifting Perspectives” or as you suggested. “Accountability with an Edge”

  • Audacity is my word, obviously. (And Moxie!)

  • Great idea. My phrase is “Profit from Economy” which might be too long. Something to think about.

  • Tell to Excel!

    Connecting with your listeners is the most important goal to share information, telling stories excels at connecting.

    God Rest Keith

  • My words are “Heart Filled Holidays”

  • Two words: Mindful Eating

  • My word is confidence. I own Canada’s only private school training personal trainers. I work to build their confidence in their education and in building their business. It’s a great concept building your business around one word. This becomes your core or your essence and it has worked well for me.

  • Thank you for the affirmation of Keith. I feel blessed to be known for two things: my personal motto, “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm™” and for my signature story of “Johnny the Bagger®”.

  • Cory Geffre


  • This is a great concept for speakers and consultants Jane. When you boil your “elevator talk” down to 3 words or less, you cut through the noise. for me, it’s “Re-energize”!

  • Robert Stack

    Thank you Jane for you wonderful tribute to Keith. I was one of the many speakers who was devastated when I learned he had lost his battle to cancer. He truly was a wonderful mentor to all of us in the Florida speaking community and was indeed known for being America’s ATTITUDE Coach. As for my me…I am connected with the word FAME.

  • Hi Jane, my mantra is LIVE WELL, LAUGH LOTS and what I say to myself and others a whole lot: “LIGHTEN UP” 🙂


  • In a word: Accountability

    In another few words. Let’s fight back against cancer. Join your local Relay For Life Event next Spring!

  • Jane,
    My “word” is Professional Paradise.
    My mission is to create a world full of CPOs – Chief Paradise Officers – no matter what is happening around them!

  • My word: Pause!

  • Wingman – a trusted partner in business and life.

    Also, my clients and associates refer to me as “The Wingman”…so I built a brand that is not only useable by my clients, but it directly associates to me…which is pretty cool.

    Keith was a wingman. When people called out mayday, he was there.


  • Inspire…Lead…Transform

  • Gumption

    … I never had the pleasure to hear or meet Keith.

  • CAREER is one word.

    If I get two words it is Career Management.

    I speak to a lot of groups about owning, and managing, their own careers, and not letting HR manage it.

  • My identifying phrase is “Emotional Intelligence for Engineers”

    Thank you for your words on Keith.

  • Thank you for the tribute to Keith, who I never had the pleasure to hear speak, and for his legacy of being known for a word. I have a phrase instead of a word – Take Charge & Live Large!

  • My words are my mantra: Dinner with Your Family Makes a Difference!

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  • Yasmina

    Energy bubble!

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