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Expand your Revenue Streams thru Radio and Books with Jane Jenkins Herlong


Today, The Wealthy Speaker Podcast is being brought to you by the Inner Circle Mastermind.  So how does a speaker go from a $10,000 keynote to $30,000 keynote?  I’m about to share all of my insider secrets. And more importantly, I’m going to make sure you actually IMPLEMENT them in your business.  That’s The Inner Circle Mastermind program—a 12-month, time-tested program designed to help you lay down a foundation, accelerate and scale your business!  If you want to be above average and you want to have a coach at your side, drop me a line through this contact form and I’ll send over the details.

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about how to increase your revenue through radio and books.  Jane Jenkins Herlong is here to share her journey, starting with speaking for children at an elementary school all the way to the Speaker Hall of Fame.  

Combining her humor, life-changing truths and award-winning singing, Jane adds pizzazz to her presentations as she inspires audiences to discover their gifts and to live a life filled with peak performance. Jane believes in proving people wrong and laughing your way to success. She is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Certified Speaking Professional, Sirius XM Humorist and best-selling author of four books. Here is here to pour out her sweet tea wisdom and deep Southern Fried Humor.


Being funny doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  Jane explains quite simply how to find the funny moments in everyday life and translate them into stories that you can integrate into your speech.  She will share the process of how she got booked on Sirius XM Radio and how you can too.

Listen the podcast below:

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • How I got to where I am today.  [4:15]
  • What I am known for now.  [9:00]
  • How I got booked on Sirius XM Radio.  [17:30]
  • How to walk the line between humor and not offending people of faith.  [22:40]
  • Be yourself.  [28:20]
  • How to “mine your life” for humor.

If you feel like you need a little levity in your life and in your keynote, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

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Jane’s books can be found, HERE.
Connect with Jane on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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