Googling myself, best thing I ever did

googlingmyselfAbout a year ago, I set up a Google Alert system to let me know whenever anyone on the internet mentioned my name or the name of my book, The Wealthy Speaker.

It’s been a great education on how my name is being used, when someone recommends my book, etc. I also keep close tabs on Twitter.

By knowing how people are talking about you, and who is using your blog for content, you are never caught by surprise.

Also, a quick search on Amazon alerted me to the fact that someone had totally ‘dissed’ my book. This person had said that they did not believe that you could make a good living through speaking.

I was immediately able to take action.

I sent out a note to my book fan club on Facebook and told them about the bad review. They all responded quickly and came to my defense thus balancing off (and burying) the negative review.

Of course we can’t control everything that everyone says about us. But what a powerful tool just knowing what is said!

When you are scheduled to deliver a speech and the group advertises it, you should check out what they are saying and ensure that you are being positioned correctly. Clients can often get it wrong.

By setting up some quick alert systems, you have a better shot at continuing to keep a positive image on that crazy thing we call the world wide web.

Happy googling!

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  • Jane,

    This is great advice.

    Keep in mind, though, that while Google Alerts is a great place to start (and is free), it is not very comprehensive, especially on the social media side. If you visit their page, you’ll notice it still says they’re in beta.

    There are several more sophisticated systems out there for Web monitoring, some for free, most for some kind of cost, although many are modest. Everyone at minimum should sign up for Google Alerts, but if you’re more serious about your business and online reputation management and have some dollars to devote to it, you should consider something more powerful.

    Oh and one tip for folks looking to use Google Alerts – if you’re monitoring your name, be sure to put it in quotes, which makes GA return exact phrases only, otherwise you’ll get a lot of emails where pages list people with your first name and other people with your last name. And if your name is commonly misspelled, you ought put an alert on that, too.

    Justin Seibert
    Direct Online Marketing

  • Jane,

    Great post. One additional thing that you might consider is to add your blog’s name to your alert system – you never know when someone will be talking about your blog!

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    The Accidental Communicator Blog
    “Learn How To intimately connect with your audience in order to make an lasting impact in their lives.”

  • Then you will love google alerts and yahoo alerts, this keeps you on top of your game daily.

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show