Have you picked your low hanging fruit?

lowhangingfruit While talking to a client the other day, we were brainstorming on how to “shake the trees” and see what she has not already capitalized on with her current client base.

Funny, she had at least 3 ideas of people she could follow up with about her new keynote, a training opportunity and product sales.

Where are your low hanging fruit?

Are there clients that you should have re-connected with?

When entering into a relationship with a speaking client, do you have a long term goal in mind?

One client has this type of sales stream:

  • Someone reads his book
  • Calls to book a speech for their group
  • Group purchases books for entire audience
  • Engagement leads to consulting contracts
  • Consulting contracts include training and coaching
  • Training sessions result in more product purchased
  • And the whole thing goes round for each new client

Look at what picking one piece of low hanging fruit might produce!

Are you making the most of each connection with a client? Or are you ending the relationship once you leave the stage.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers.

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  • I’m thinking is it worth all the work to become the next speaker the world wants to hear. Hours of preparation trying to pick the right theme to match the crowd, the right words, and the right entry speech to kick it off and get their attention. Is it worth picking out the right dress, skirt/jacket, or pant suit, the right hair style for the occassion, the right shoes, earrings and jewlry. To come alone or have an escort. Is it worth all the time and energy to stand in front of that crowd as they are looking at you as the lights are beaming on your face and you’re wondering if it was a mistake to wear make-up or was it a mistake not to have worn it. To leave your children with a sitter and pray that they will be alright. Again, is all this worth me becoming an Inspirational/Motivational speaker? YES!!! It’s worth it. Why? Because God has chosen me of all people to do His will. I feel that it is not only worth it but a priveledge to honor my calling. Thank you for your time.

    Jackqkue’ Turner