I’m Good Enough….I’m Smart Enough….

Remember that Saturday Night Live Sketch? I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me!

Of course I’m joking here, but a substantial portion of our industry suffers from NGE “Not Good Enough” disease.

How does this translate?

  • You continually get more and more letters after your name (even when you have plenty of education under your belt)
  • You are a serial book contributor (you constantly partner with others rather than stepping out solo and writing your own book)
  • When there is a break in between speeches, you are plagued with doubt and second guess your speaking skills
  • You delay getting your business (or your website) off the ground for fear of criticism or rejection.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Heck, just last week I got back from a Mexico vacation and not much had transacted while I was away. The only thing that saved me from slipping into NGE and freaking out, was experience.  I know, the minute I put my attention on the positive and get back to work, things will start cookin’.  And, sure enough, that’s what happened.


Consider creating a mantra for yourself around success.  “I have everything my clients need, I am an expert, I am talented.” (You can end with “gosh darn-it, people like me if you want to…. just for giggles!)

What’s your secret to overcoming NGE “not good enough” disease?  Please share!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!


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  • NGE is a tough one for me. One of my go-to strategies is to cut out newspaper and other periodical ads or articles about community events, professional meetings, grand openings, film festivals and anything that either looks interesting or is something I have never gone to. Then, I pick a couple and just go. Today it was a health fair in a neighboring community. What happened? I met someone from my hometown who has heard me speak, read my books and wants to help connect me in her professional sphere. I even invited her and her husband (who we discovered used to work with my husband) to dinner. This anit-NGE strategy can be a booger to get started but it always works!

    • Jane

      Great, tip Erika, I love that!

  • This post gave me so many feels — Yes, I said *many feels*. Urban Dictionary says that lingo is accepted now 🙂

    Seriously though, I’ve had my fair share of NGE moments and I’m sure I will continue to have them in the future. It happens whenever I am in a down mood and start to compare myself to the experiences and wisdom of other coaches.

    What I do is try my best to recall my past successes, with special focus on the folks I have helped before through my coaching and my speaking engagements — they told me so and I choose to believe them :). This reminds me that I am not doing this to show off my skills or my knowledge.

    I do this for that someone in the audience who might get an *aha* moment from what I say, even if it’s just one single person.

    • Jane

      Great reminder Ryan. And even keeping a file of testimonials that you can easily draw on when the chips are down!

    • Paul McIntyre

      Same with me coach. I just look back at what I’ve accomplished before and remind myself that I am at least that same person, if not better.