Are you Missing a Branding Opp?

This is going to be a short post, but it’s a juicy one!!!

No question email communication has become a way of life. For some people, it has completely replaced the phone.

I have about 9,500 professional speakers on my e-mail broadcast list, some have multiple addresses listed with me. (See below as I need some help with house cleaning).

If you are using an address for business that is GENERIC (ie: hotmail, gmail, comcast) then you might be missing a branding opportunity with your clients. Every time they see your gmail address, they are NOT seeing your website URL. or becomes embedded when they have communicated with you several times.

Are you missing out on this opportunity?

If so, get ‘r fixed.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers.

PS: I’d like to ask you to look at all of your e-mail accounts and see if you are receiving multiple e-Tips from me. If so, just hit the REMOVE option at the bottom of the e-mail to be taken off the list.

  • Thank you! This has been a peeve (not a pet, I don’t like to keep and feed them) of mine for years! It’s often the first piece of advice I give to potential clients (sometimes they even ask).

    Drop your generic email and get a domain. The part I don’t understand is, some of them have websites, and are still using gmail, hotmail, etc. Am I missing something?

  • Jane,
    Thank you so much for this great reminder. I was one of those who had a website for about 9 months before I got a “branded email address.” I was still using Gmail. You are so right. It looks so much more professional and it subliminally says to others that you are on top of your game, if you will. I will make sure to emphasize this as well as I educate others on personal branding and internet marketing.


  • I’m “walking your talk,” Jane.

    Thanks for the Post!