New Speakers

I know that this industry can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn, so many places to invest your hard earned money. But I’ve been in your shoes, helping speakers get started and I know I can help you shave some time and money off of the learning curve.

My system is called Ready, Aim, Fire.  Many new speakers will spend some time in Ready which is where you’ll get crystal clear on what you are selling and how to position it.

In the Aim phase, we’ll ensure that your marketing materials are working to get you booked.  And in Fire, you’ll roll out to your target markets with a clear, consistent strategy.  Bottom line, more bookings that will raise your fees up the ladder more quickly.

I have several offerings for people who are new to the speaking industry:

  1. The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 book and system – this is your best first step and it may be all that you need!
  2. The Wealthy Speaker University Bachelors Class – a low cost, group coaching program – starts January each year.
  3. The Wealthy Speaker University 90 Day Catapult – an even lower cost online learning program (includes a coaching call with Jane).

I created The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 system for speakers just like you. It’s a program designed specifically for speakers who are in the early stages to walk you step-by-step through the start up process. The feedback on the system is that it’s become many speakers bible.

You’ll find clarity in the exercises and information that will stay with you throughout your career.

But most importantly, you’ll save time and money because I’ve already made all of the mistakes. 🙂

My full bio is on the About Jane page. But the bottom line is that I’ve had success launching speakers for 20 years and I’ve developed a system that works. Many of the speakers who have benefited from my knowledge are now earning an amazing living!  Some over $1M per year!

If you are not willing to invest $20 or $77 in launching your speaking business, then you may not be ready to start.  (Cash flow is required to start any type of business).

To pick up your Wealthy Speaker 2.0 System click here. Once you work through the program, I’ll be standing by if you need more assistance.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!