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Being Exceptional in Speaking, Despite Setbacks with Annie Meehan
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Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise

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My guess is that everyone reading this blog post right now owns a cell phone. I am also guessing that many of you spend a significant amount of time on that device – checking email, participating on social media platforms, watching videos, etc. After all, mobile phones are ideal for keeping us connected to our […]

Speak Differently and Sell More with Steve Lowell

Quote: “I need to position myself in their minds as someone they need, instead of somebody they don’t.” Steve Lowell As speakers, we know that selling from the stage can be taboo, but are there times when it’s appropriate? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome Steve Lowell to share how he […]

Moving Your Audience with Sally Zimney

Quote: “It really takes courage to tell a story that will move your audience.” Sally Zimney We know that storytelling in your speech can help create a moment in time where you fully capture the attention of your audience. These moments can be magical and transcend them to envision your story in their head. On […]