Are you ready to take your speaking business to the next level? Jane Atkinson can help.

Have you ever heard the quote “it’s hard to read the label while you’re sitting inside the jar“? Well. it’s true. Speaker marketing, positioning and getting the business can be tough. Sometimes diagnosing your own marketing issues, even if you’re a marketing expert, can be difficult.

With 20 years in speaker marketing under her belt, Jane knows what’s important and what’s not. That gives her a laser-like focus in her ability to diagnose and fix a problem. Jane’s specialty is positioning and building a successful speaking business. Sometimes it’s from scratch and sometimes it’s breathing new life into an existing business. Read some Success Stories here.

As a speaker’s agent, Jane took speakers from 0 to 80 bookings per year and now as a coach, she’s guiding the same types of results. Working under the roof of a speakers bureau for 6 years gave Jane the inside track on what works and what doesn’t. See Jane’s bio for more details.

What are the prerequisites for working with Jane? There are two prerequisites.

Step 1: Read The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

Step 2: Book a Focus 40 introductory session ** with Jane.

**Note: Scheduling is very full – we book min. 3-4 weeks out



“When I hired Jane, my business was just a few months old and I’ll admit, it was a big investment. However, within 6 months I raised my fee twice, hired help and now continuously pinch myself that my dream of becoming a speaker came true so quickly, much in part to Jane’s generous wisdom and guidance.”
-Kindra Hall

  • Catapult Business Builder
    (Coaching 6 Pack-6-12 mos)
  • $3,495
  • 6 30-minute coaching calls with Jane (on an as needed basis)
  • Access to Jane’s quarterly teleclasses
  • Email Q&A with Jane – 8/month
  • Access to Jane’s teleclass library
  • **NEW**
    Ultimate Business Builder
    (Coaching 12 Pack-WSU Access)
  • $9,995
  • 12 30-minute coaching calls with Jane (as needed, ie: one call per month)
  • Access to WSU Coaches and Community and Monthly Calls
  • WSU Home Study Course
  • $2500 Credit to Any WSU Live Event
  • Access to Jane’s quarterly teleclasses
  • Unlimited email Q&A’s
  • Access to Jane’s teleclass library
  • Access to the VIP Client Dashboard which includes:
  • • Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Book (Digital & Audio versions)
  • • Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Playbook (digital version)
  • • Wealthy Speaker Acceleration Checklist
  • • Epic Keynote eBook & Digital Playbook
  • • Shifting Mindsets: Meditating Your Way to Wealth Audios
  • • Wealthy Speaker U Guides & Worksheets



  • Check in with a coach and move your business forward on a regular basis
  • Assistance picking a lane or transitioning to a new lane
  • Position in the market to gain higher fees
  • Move your speech towards epic
  • Develop or rework marketing materials (ie: website)
  • Learn what it takes to have GREAT speaker marketing
  • Create new language/copy for marketing
  • Design systems to help your business run better
  • Develop roll-out strategies for capturing new business
  • Make better hiring decisions when it comes to suppliers and staff
  • Catapult your speaking business with the help of a 20+ year industry veteran

“I’ve kept Jane at my side as a coach for 3 years. I launched very strong, and hit several flashpoints along the way as a result and continue to grow my business exponentially.”
-Toni Newman,

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