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Scaling Your Speaking Business - NSA Special

10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less
(9 customer reviews)

$20 USD

Scaling Your Speaking Business: 10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less, is the one book every speaker who is looking for a path to accelerated growth in their speaking business needs to read immediately!

Mapping out 10 key ideas that will have you earning more while doing less, this
clearly laid out strategy will help you:

  • Check your mindset and map out long-term goals, without any limits
  • Put systems and processes in place for faster, yet manageable, growth
  • Create clarity around your team positions and new hires
  • Establish relationships with resellers, sponsors, and middlemen
  • Create passive and non-passive revenue streams with the types of offerings
    you love
  • Craft the perfect business that sees you running it, not it running you!

If your goal for your speaking business is to elevate your income, whether it be
from $100K to $250K, or from $250K to a million, you cannot afford to miss out
on the real-life advice, stories from Jane’s clients and inner circle, and expert
strategies in this book.

BONUSES GALORE! Every book comes with a link to our exclusive bonus pages, worksheets, and links that will help you in your journey to scaling your business!  The value in these pages alone is worth the price of the book!

REVIEWS FOR: Scaling Your Speaking Business - NSA Special

Dan Miller

Amateurs find opportunities for which they are paid once. Professionals create opportunities where they do the work once and get paid 1000 times over. Scaling Your Speaking Business is your guidebook for moving from linear to residual income, for working with ease in your Zone of Genius and truly enjoying the life of “the wealthy speaker”. Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, and host of the 48 Days Podcast.

1 year ago
Penny Tremblay

Anything Jane does is top notch!

1 year ago
Jen McDonough

Jane’s book, Wealthy Speaker 2.0 helped me pave a SOLID foundation to building my speaking business. Her book, Scaling Your Speaking Business then laid out the roadmap to take my business to the next level. LOVED the worksheets and the bonus workbook included as it is helping me see the big picture as well as the steps needed to get me to my goals. If you are a professional speaker, you will LOVE this book. Jane Atkinson is definitely the real deal and the BEST in the business when it comes to helping us speakers build the business of our dreams.

1 year ago

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