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The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers

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The Epic Keynote is where craftsmanship meets style. Don’t leave your presentation to chance, take the steps required to make it EPIC! The most impactful speakers have a high level of relevance for their audience, customize to make it meaningful and tell stories that make people laugh and cry. Do you have what it takes to deliver The Epic Keynote?

  • Are your stories crafted and vivid for the listener?
  • Is your style one that engages the audience from minute one?
  • Do you take people on a journey and inspire them to think about things in different ways?
  • Does your keynote result in more speeches do you get asked back again and again?

Jane Atkinson has put the wisdom of her speaking colleagues, The Wealthy Speakers, with her own to deliver a book that every person who gives speeches must read. Whether you are a professional speaker, or the head of a company, taking these tips and techniques onto the stage with you will ensure superior results.

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REVIEWS FOR: The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers

Dr. Kat Smith

Arrived as described and packed well

4 years ago
Terry Budget

Jane is fantastic writer on the art of speaking. She really knows her stuff. Great book.

4 years ago

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16 reviews for The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers

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  1. Jen McDonough

    Gems are plentiful throughout The Epic Keynote. As a speaker who is always on the lookout for the best coaches to take me from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time I appreciated the nuggets of wisdom and insight from not only Jane Atkinson’s point of view, but also from those around her she trusts. The investment was definitely worth it as I will be able to implement several things into my talks which will drive my fees higher and get me booked more often.

  2. JuliAnn Stitick, Personal Brand Strategist

    This book is chock full of insightful, practical advice for all speakers- whether seasoned or green. Jane Atkinson’s content, accentuated with the expertise of a number of other Wealthy Speakers is the perfect recipe for an engaging and successful presentation. A quick read with instantly actionable tips sure to enhance any speaking career!

  3. M. Petsel

    This outstanding and easy to read book offers a huge amount of important points for all public speakers. It is filled with helps from Jane and a large group of people who are involved and successful in the business. It is a must read for anyone giving a keynote.

  4. Paul McIntyre

    Like all of Atkinson’s works The Epic Keynote gives readers a lot of bang for the buck.. Along with Atkinson’s sound advice built through more than 20 years in the speaking business; she includes commentary from dozens of the best speakers in the world.

    For those who believe ongoing education is essential for speakers at all levels — this book is a must. Atkinson gets real and tells it like it is giving you facts not fluff.

  5. howard lothrop

    Speaking from the stage remains the most powerful tool for establishing authority, teaching and engaging audiences. And Jane Atkinson’s The EPIC Keynote just might be the best guide to doing so ever more effectively. In this book Jane Atkinson provides a clear framework, actionable insights and a set of best practices mined from some of the speaking industry’s giants…all organized and structured in an incredibly easy to use format. Do yourself, and your career, a favor by investing in this valuable guide.

  6. Neen James Inc.

    Many people have published books and articles on how to be a better keynote speaker. This book is an absolute MUST read!

    Filled with information from mechanics to motivation, every page has new ideas, systems and strategies you can apply if you are a speaker, trainer, or present as part of your practice.

    As an influence and impact strategist I am constantly looking for awesome resources to share and recommend to our clients and also our industry (the National Speakers Association).

    This book was filled with so much information, now it has dog-eared pages, notes inside and I am convinced I am going to HAVE to read it again and again (you might think I am a slow learner… it’s just there is so much to take in).

    Jane has also tapped into the brilliance of some of my fave thought leaders (industry giants) like Lou Heckler, Joe Calloway, Patricia Fripp and she calls them masters … their comments and advice was timely and provided a diverse range of opinions based on extensive experience.

    I enjoyed the authentic approach, the strategies to add value to clients, the mechanics of speeches and the abundance of tips and tricks from clients, bureaus and other speakers.

    Get your hands on this book, devour it and then share it with others you know will benefit. Enjoy and also check out Jane’s other bible for the speaking industry The Wealthy Speaker where she outlines her process ‘Ready, aim, fire’.

  7. Les Taylor

    Excellent advice for veteran or emerging speakers.

  8. Emma Santa

    I was a big fan of Jane Atkinson from her first book “The Wealthy Speaker” and this book was a wonderful follow-up! What I liked most of all was how everything was presented. It was easy to “chunk-out” and try the different suggestions in my own speaking – making it a great investment for any Toastmaster or aspiring speaker looking for new things to try. I greatly enjoyed the expert tips from all of the professional speakers and discovered so many wonderful resources from all of their websites (which are conveniently listed in the book). Looking back, the book is already well-worn and dog eared and something I know I will reference in my speaking for years to come.

  9. Lauren Parrott

    This book is amazing. Jane really teaches you exactly how to write a keynote speech, and explains what makes it epic!

  10. Betsy Manning

    Jane Atkinson knows what she’s talking about. I’m a seasoned speaker and it has helped me improve my keynotes immensely. I only wish I would have had this since day one. After reading this book and her other book Wealthy Speaker 2.0, I decided to join her online program and hire her as a coach. Best decision I ever made!

  11. Jim Johnson

    I enjoyed the book. Jane did a great job of sharing various tip and strategies to enhance your keynote.

  12. T_A

    I bought this book in hopes that I’d be able to improve putting together great or better yet “epic” speeches and I must say I have enjoyed this book!!!!! ? Jane Atkinson definitely loaded this book with excellent pieces from great speakers and her own input as well. I was able to learn about people I haven’t heard of before so it brought fresh information and orators to my attention, that I may have not otherwise heard of if not for this book. Good book, good read, I’d recommend if you’re looking for ways to improve creating writing and putting together speeches/keynotes. I also ended up buying the wealthy speaker! Still have to read that though!

  13. Kevin Snyder

    As I was starting off my speaking career, I read Ms. Atkinson’s “Wealthy Speaker” book (version 1 and 2.0) which provided solid advice and foundational tips. So I had high expectations when I purchased and started reading “The EPIC Keynote.” This book is a wonderful resource for any speaker at any level. Jane has provided fabulous tips to ensure a dynamic keynote, and she has collaborated with other successful speakers to reveal their suggestions as well. Consider this book a collection of priceless coaching sessions that you can benefit from throughout your speaking career! I highly recommend it and you will too after reading! Even though I’ve been speaking for 15 years, “The EPIC Keynote” helped me sharpen my saw … I’m a better speaker for reading it! Get your copy! ~ Kevin Snyder

  14. CFoster


  15. Terry Budget

    Jane is fantastic writer on the art of speaking. She really knows her stuff. Great book.

  16. Dr. Kat Smith

    Arrived as described and packed well

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