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Wealthy Speaker 30-Day Challenge

$97 USD

The Wealthy Speaker 30-Day Challenge begins on Monday, February 7, 2022

Each week we will focus on one of four areas: refining your message, refining your target audience, optimizing your marketing message, and planting seeds for new business in 2022.

Here’s how we’ll work together during the challenge:

  • Each Monday, you’ll receive a new video lesson for what to work on during the week.
  • Each Tuesday you’ll jump on a zoom call with me – Coach Jane Atkinson – and I’ll walk you through the specifics of what you need to focus on. This is also a great time to ask questions!
  • Each Friday we’ll check in for a 30-minute accountability session to make sure you are on track! We will share how we are doing, where we are stuck, and how to keep moving forward on these calls.
Walk away from this challenge and into 2022 primed to book more gigs!

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