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Wealthy Speaker Starter Bundle

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Softcover Book and 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Speaking Business Mini-Course

$67 USD

Are you someone who is just starting to put together the pieces of your speaking business? Or maybe you’ve been working on it for a while, but you just aren’t getting the momentum you hoped for?

If you want to build a successful speaking business, one that gets you paid the fees you deserve, then you are going to want to grab this Wealthy Speaker Starter Bundle!

Included in the bundle are the two items that hundreds of our clients have used to ensure that they are putting the right pieces in place when building their speaking business so they can avoid making timely and costly mistakes!

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is our flagship book and what many in the industry refer to as the ‘bible’ for speakers. In this book, we walk you through the exact steps of starting and marketing your speaking business using our Ready, Aim, Fire process.

Couple the book with our 3 Keys to Accelerating Your Speaking Business mini-course, and you’ve got the exact tools you need to take action immediately!

If you want to build the speaking business of your dreams, don’t delay and grab this bundle now!

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