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How Difficult is Getting to $1Million...

Wondering how difficult it really is to get to $1Million in your speaking business?

Well… just grab this download and we’ll tell you! Whether you are currently making $10K, $50K, or $500K – this download outlines exactly what it takes to get to $1Million!


If you want to scale your speaking business, well… you are going to need to build a solid team… and hire folks who are the ‘right fit’ for both the position and your business.

Download our interactive worksheet that walks you through a concrete 6-step process from understanding who you need to hire, preparing for your new hire, and making sure your are allowing that new hire to thrive!

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Do You Really Want to Scale???

Of course you do! That’s why you watched this webinar!

Well… now you can get all the wisdom Jane has to offer on scaling a speaking business in her newest book, due to release in March…

Scaling Your Speaking Business

10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less

This book is what every speaker who is looking for a path to accelerated growth in their speaking business. If your goal for your speaking business is to elevate your income, whether it be from $100K to $250K, or from $250K to a million, you cannot afford to miss out on the real-life advice, stories from Jane’s clients and inner circle, and expert strategies in this book.

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