Speaking Career Success Stories


Julie Henry testimonialWithin the first month of working together, Jane helped me focus my brand name and unique niche among the sea of leadership speakers. Her laser-focus on building a solid, marketable, sustainable business combined with an insider’s knowledge of the speaking industry makes her one of my most trusted advisors.

Julie Henry, Finish Line Leadership

ryan estis“What changed for me working with Jane? Everything…we’ve been together since the beginning and 3 years later we are well on our way to building a million dollar business. She is the definitive SpeakerLauncher!”
Ryan Estis, Performance Expert

“Within 12 months my business doubled but the best part was my “Wealthy Speaker” moment when I stepped out of the Grand Marriott in Grand Cayman Island after a standing ovation keynote to a waiting limo taking me to the airport and my next gig. Thank you, Jane Atkinson!”
Paul Schemp, Professor, University of Georgia

Kindra-Hall“When I hired Jane, my business was just a few months old and I’ll admit, it was a big investment. However, within 6 months I raised my fee twice, hired help and now continuously pinch myself that my dream of becoming a speaker came true so quickly, much in part to Jane’s generous wisdom and guidance.”
Kindra Hall, Storytelling Expert

“Speaking isn’t an easy business; at least not for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to maintain an edge and remain relevant. I’ve seen immediate returns from my improved speech, and renewed clarity in reworking a product I’d given up on.”
Warren Macdonald, Speaker, Author


“Your strategic approach to coaching speakers has given me a new way to manage and develop my public speaking business.  I also love your bold, bodacious, and ambitious way of thinking on what speaker success should look like with no apologies.  I now have the blueprint to action and have learned what true and ‘big time’ professional speaker success looks like.”
Jim Golden, Public Speaker, Professor, and Entrepreneur

“As a result of Jane’s coaching, I have been able to book more speaking engagements, increase my speaking fee and build confidence knowing that I have the tools for success. I would recommend Jane to any speaker who is ready to be a wealthy speaker.”
Judy M. Zimmer, Personal Branding Expert

“I found value in observing you coach the other speakers in our group and liked your simple, pleasantly direct style of communication. You struck me as someone who has managed to blend coaching /consulting with a relaxed lifestyle. That, for me, is what a Wealthy Speaker is all about.”
Leon Quimpo, Sales Expert

“Thanks for all of your wisdom – your foundation provided the ability for me to do all of these transformational business initiatives.”
Dr. Christine Grant, Leveraged Empowerment


When my wife, Darlene, and I first started working with Jane, I was very close to burning out. Within a relatively short period of time, we revamped our entire business, and I was working less at much higher fees. Everything has changed about the way we do business. And we’re loving it!
Alvin Law, CSP, Author of “Alvin’s Laws of Life”

My business has exploded since working with Jane – my fees have gone up substantially, my marketing materials are so much better, I signed my first book deal, and I’ve doubled my revenue from last year.
Mike Robbins, Author of Focus on the Good Stuff

Jane is fantastic! As someone just entering the professional speaking business – I had 200 questions and only 20 answers! Jane has helped me focus my presentation, improve my website and guide me around mistakes that I’m sure I would have made without her expertise! I’ve accomplished more in my first six months than I thought possible and, most importantly, am now booking well-paying gigs! Thanks, Jane!
James Cronk, Golf/Service Industry Expert

neen james wealthy speaker 2.0 testimonialI read your book The Epic Keynote today and it is TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Yes, I am shouting from my little stilettos! You have created such a valuable must read for every speaker – thank you for sharing your brilliance.
Neen James, Author of Be AH-Mazing

It’s getting harder and harder to know which coach is right to choose. But Jane was bang on perfect for me. In this profession there are lots of “shiny baubles” and it’s critical to pick what is right for you. Jane quickly established what I needed to be more successful. She helped me sift through the long list of ideas to market and grow my business and determine what was best for me. There was no b.s. and no “this is the only way to do it”. I’ve seen my business become more focused and profitable as a result.

Martin Parnell, Author, Marathon Quest

diane allen testimonial speaker launcherAfter 5 years of spinning my wheels in launching my speaking career, when I hired Jane Atkinson I went farther in 3 months than I had in the previous 5 years. She provided what I was blind to: how to brand my content so that it appeals to the people who select speakers for events.
Diane Allen, Own Your A-Game