Summer Goals, Cha-Chings & Flip Flops

I love this post so much I’ve reposted it and there is a bonus at the end, check out the PS!


My summer time goal has shifted quite drastically over the past 5 years.

Where I used to be aggressively thinking about marketing and how to ramp up biz for the Fall, now I base the success of my summer on my flip flop tan line (and my bank account).

If the tan line well defined and I’ve got some money, I’ve done a good job!

Is it silly and not very strategic to base success on a tan line?

Perhaps, but isn’t the point of having your own business to be able to dictate how you spend your time? To me it’s proof that I’ve had fun!

If you are in the early stages of your business and you’re working like a dog – please know that things will get better!

Why not set the goal that next year, you’ll take 2 weeks off? And in 3 years, maybe a month?

(I’d love to hear your goals or your summer time wins – just comment below.)

For me, the best feeling in the world is to be sitting at the cottage on the porch, sipping a glass of wine and I hear “cha ching” from my laptop.

That means I just made a sale.

Closing a deal or making a sale while doing nothing is absolutely brilliant!

So this summer you can be thinking about:

a) what product you can develop to increase your cha-ching

b) what do you need to let go of in order to move your business forward this fall

c) what other passive incomes streams can you consider (clubs, membership sites, online content)

d) and, how can you take more time off next year!

I’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers.

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  • Hi Jane. I couldn’t agree more – AND I love the flip flop foto! Time out is to be savored every bit as much as time in.

    You say that your perspective on this has changed drastically over the last 5 years. I’m always curious as to what prompts lifestyle choices and changes. What prompted yours?

    Happy sipping and sunning,


    • I had already gotten to the place where revenues were no longer #1, but when I got married 3 years ago, I further reevaluated the work/pleasure percentages. Now during the summer, I am focused on re-energizing.

  • Summer success for me is having some extra time to work on the next book and spend some extra time with mychildren.

  • I think I’m going to plan to take 2 weeks off in December!

  • Thanks Jane… this was just the encouragement I needed today. I am early in my speaking career, trying to not become easily discouraged, always believing in deep optimistic ways that things will get better. I speak on sexual intimacy in marriage, with niche audience being Christian women. Obviously, a much needed topic, but a sensitive one too. I love your tips and insights, though. And I appreciate the observation about measuring things by your flip-flop tan line. That made me smile! Keep up the great work… it makes a difference…

  • I have a home at the beach and for the months of July and Aug only work a 3 day week. So great to take time to relax and think about ways to finish the year as my BEST year ever.

  • Awesome awesome post!!!

    I fully intend to be invited to speak at a reoccurring home education event that happens every September in Disney Florida! I intend to speak, get paid and spend the rest of the time playing with my family 🙂

    This summer, I’m having great fun establishing my path! Next summer I’ll have a blast walking it! 🙂

  • Since I don’t wear flip flops, I base my summer on how many times I have had to repair the lawn mower. If it actually works through the whole lawn mowing experience at least 50% of the time, it is a good summer. It has broken down 2 out the last 3 times I mowed so I am having a bad summer at the moment. The only other measurement is if I can once again be polite to the airline people. If I can, it has been a good summer because I have not been flying everywhere. If I still have a blood pressure explosion when I see an American Airlines badge, I know it has been a bad summer…

  • I’m in total agreement with you and writing this post while on a two-week vacation. That said every once in a while a summer will be busier than others – this one is for me – and I’m not sure exactly why but am not complaining. My wife Robin has now booked the vacation time off in my calendar a year out from now. So this summer my tan line will suffer a bit and my golf game will be a little off. Just the nature of the business.

  • You have to work hard but you need to remember what you are working for. You are not working hard for the purpose to work hard.

    Josh Bulloc
    Kansas City, MO

  • Good Post, Jane.

    Life needs balance, doesn’t it?

    All work and no play will eventually have negative effects.

    Good for you and marching toward your goals!

  • I have been wearing flip flops alot this summer, working and playing from our cottage. Being near and on the water is my source of inspiration, and work life harmony. My summer wins are: my book On Toby’s Terms (published by Bettie Youngs Books) is off the press and on its way to bookstores everywhere, and… my book has been signed for a Motion Picture. My second book, GPS Your Best Life, co-authored with Debra Kasowski, is also being published by Bettie Youngs Books and will be out early 2011. Wishing everyone a fabulous summer! Charmaine

  • In the speaking biz, I think there’s 2 major “down-times” which are July-August and mid-December to end of January. I take LOTS of time off in the summer to enjoy the great weather and leave the winter break for the real “behind-the-scenes” catch up time. One of the greatest things about this industry is that we have the schedule of a student and I say enjoy the fact that you get your summers off – not many people get that luxury! Okay, work a bit, but get out there while the gettin’ is good – there are many cold, dark days ahead to sit at that bloody laptop.

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  • 10 days in New Zealand then two weeks in Italy celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. I returned home refreshed and inspired! I set my goal to make enough money to easily afford a trip like that each year but determined not to destroy my balanced lifestyle in the process.

  • My summer goal is to finish my 30 Day Author program! Thanks for the reminder to stay focused Jane!

  • Great points Jane. That’s wonderful timing as I just took an uncharacteristic 90 minute lunch break so I could go water skiing over lunch. It was awesome. It’s not un-strategic. It’s redefining success. For many there is a shift occurring whereby it’s not so much about climbing ladders, but rather it’s about lifestyle.

    Good for you for spreading the word.

  • I just delivered a session in Montreal on Monday evening. So I buffered that with a long weekend in Montreal including a 3 hour spa at the new Bota Bota spa (check it out on Monday morning. Ahhhh!!! And now I’m spending a fabulous 3 days with my speaker pal Vanessa Simpkins at her lake house north of the city.

    Isn’t that was this speaking business is all about. HeeHee!


    P.S. I’m using my inspired time in nature to develop those cha-ching products for my new ecommerce website that will be launching a couple of weeks. and complete the 4th chapter of my book!! Working with Les Kletke, he’s so awesome! It’s coming together… 1 1/2 years into the business.

  • Ahhh…flip flops: I smile even thinking about them. Wearing different styles, I rarely get a tan line on my feet. My success this Summer is measured by the number of days I’m in my bikini and don’t wear my watch. My summer’s been prolific yet relaxed. I’ve been writing a Body-Mind-Spirit ebook, The Art of Doing Enough, and setting up its website and e-business (auto-responders, e-payment portals, etc.) so I can launch in Nov. 2011. I began researching another title, “Sleep for Your Life,” as a gift for my insomniac friends and relatives. In September, I’ll begin to blog another book out of me: From Tired To Having Energy for Your Life: The 33 possible reasons you may be Exhausted. The book/blog was researched and outlined this Spring; I’ll start as folks get back from their cottages in September.

    I’m also working on a business book: Leadership For Your Life. “Leadership” will be cross-pollinated with my Energy for Your Life books and multimedia. I’ve been able to research Richard Branson and Bill Cattucci (AT&T) (I’ve worked with both of them), among others. Two new pitches for my boutique Marketing Agency will be ready in a month or so. Instead of being stressed, as I had done for decades in my life, I’ve strolled Toronto’s Little Italy, ate ice cream at The Beaches, Harbourfront, learned to ride a scooter, and taken many day trips to other great beaches. I’ve seen my friends mid-week and often at the last minute. My barometer of success is now how much useful, inspiring information can I share with people in via high quality meetings, forums or ebooks. I’m having a blast building a business that has depth and the potential to touch many people for a long time.

    As a former corporate writer for CEO’s with huge projects and multiple deadlines, I realized I actually like working on more than one project at a time. I no longer have the kind of extreme deadlines and stylistic constraints I once did. Even though there are a number of things I’m working on concurrently, I have great freedom. Plus, no one gets de-listed (on a stock exchange) or has a cardiac if I don’t get everything done. Despite flip flops, bikinis and many outings being de rigeur, things remarkably still get done. Every day being self-employed is a blessing to me.

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