Winners: Best Speaker Video Contest

A powerful performance is your #1 form of marketing.  Capturing that on video will allow your clients to see your talent and the value of the content that you provide. We had 59 entries for this contest!  It takes a certain amount of bravery just to post your video, so kudos to all the entrants! […]

Winners of the Connection Contest

Choosing the winners of this connection contest was no easy task! There were alot of really terrific ideas. Really! And if you didn’t see all 42 of them, I would encourage you to take another look. The point of the contest? It was to help people think more about the audience, become more “them” […]

How Well Do you Connect? (+ Connection Contest)

In John Maxwell’s new book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”, John says….. “Whether you are communicating one-on-one or with a large audience, asking questions creates a connection between you and your listeners that is vital to releasing energy and raising their interest levels. Because my audiences are often so varied, when I begin speaking…. I pose […]

So, what’s a great website really look like?

After launching The Best Speaking-Expert Website Contest last week, I was thrilled with the response – more than 65 entries and counting! After reviewing some sites, I realized something…. Some people are confused about what makes a great website. I’m not saying there weren’t a few good ones, and you’ll see them in the finals. […]