Have you picked your low hanging fruit?

While talking to a client the other day, we were brainstorming on how to “shake the trees” and see what she has not already capitalized on with her current client base. Funny, she had at least 3 ideas of people she could follow up with about her new keynote, a training opportunity and product sales. […]

Good News on the Speaking Front

I just got back from speaking at the NSA (National Speakers Association) Northern California Chapter. Several speakers told me that they saw their business improve in the last quarter. And I’ve been hearing some rumblings to that effect myself. Are you experiencing a shift? I asked Joe Calloway what was happening with his business, he […]

Are You Stuck in Your Business Model?

Back in 1992 when I entered the speaking business, things felt much less complicated. I worked with a speaker who was a leadership expert.  We worked the ‘call-send-call’ process to book speeches and workshops.  And she had a book which we used to leverage her expertise. We didn’t offer consulting, teleseminars, membership clubs, webinars or […]

Recession Means Getting Back to Basics

George C. Speaker has been in the business for 20 years and has thrived for most of them. But his calendar in the past 12 months has been hit hard. Business is down nearly 50%. So what does George do? Well, back when I first entered the business, there was a process that we followed…..’call-send-call’. […]