Advertiser or Expert?

I’ve been preaching the “expert first” idea for a long time, so excuse me if I’m repeating myself. If a client’s first impression of you was: a) reading your article in an industry mag b) seeing a print ad for your business which do you think would have more impact? I vote for “a”. If […]

How Strong is Your Carrot?

How many times have you gone onto a speaker’s website and read the words: SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER. Yaaaaaaawn! We need more enticing copy when asking people for their e-mail address. With today’s spam, our “@” has become our most preciously guarded possession. And some would say, there’s no reason to even have a […]

If Content is King, Are you Royalty?

Last week I tweeted this idea and it sparked a mild debate about which was more important – content or presentation style. So let me preface this post by saying you MUST be good on stage. Marcus Buckingham is a great example. He knew right out of the shoot how to be engaging and funny […]