[Podcast] Leverage Your Strengths for a Profitable Speaking Career with Delatorro McNeal

This episode is a conversation with performance expert, speaker, author and television host, Delatorro McNeal. We discuss the career flash-points that have catapulted him to fans, fame and fortune. We also discuss the importance of authentic expertise and over-delivering on the stage. [Tweet “”Your past is not your destination, it is only preparation.” Delatorro McNeal”] […]

[Podcast] Building Business Models & Monetizing Events with Michelle Villalobos

In this episode, learn all about building business models & monetizing events with Michelle Villalobos.  Michelle didn’t just think about it, she used live events to scale her business beyond speaking. Michelle is a speaker, coach and, personal branding expert who has hosted many successful live events. Listen as Michelle walks the listeners through how […]