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[Podcast] The Roller Coaster of Speaking with Ryan Estis

The Roller Coaster of Speaking with Ryan Estis
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The roller coaster of speaking; one day you’re up, the next day, you’re down. The prodigious speaker and author, Ryan Estis, weighs in on how he has dealt with the ups and downs of his own speaking career. This episode is jam-packed with great advice about staying well, balanced, and grounded in the midst of a demanding speaking schedule. 

[Tweet ““Be humble, stay hungry, always hustle.” – Ryan Estis”]

Topics Discussed:

[1:58] What’s new with Ryan’s business?

[2:47] Ryan talks about how he plans to sustain the rapid growth that he’s enjoyed.

[4:03] How does Ryan balance wellness with his rigorous 80+ engagements per year speaking schedule?

[5:50] Ryan discusses some of the parameters he’s put in place to maintain a work / life balance.

[8:33] What happened when Ryan unplugged for 9 days?

[11:52] Ryan weighs in on the ups and downs of a speaking career.

[14:09] Has Ryan always had the same level of stage confidence?

[18:09] What have been some of Ryan’s best days as a speaker?

[20:12] “Be humble, stay hungry, always hustle.”

[21:57] What does Ryan’s morning routine look like?

[26:52] What is one thing that present Ryan wishes “young Ryan” knew?

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