Two Quick Tips to Minimize Distractions

Even for people who don’t celebrate, the holidays are a busy time of the year.

I thought this would be a good time to re-visit my strategy around moving through distractions.

Here’s Video Blog (vlog) #2

Happy holidays to all and I look forward to helping you grow your business in 2012.

PS: In 2012, what will you do to ensure that you are moving your business forward every single month? If you need help with this, you might
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  • Wonderful information Jane. As someone who works with people who have chronic health conditions, I offer the same advice. Moving forward just a little bit each week keeps up some momentum which is crucial when you have limited energy. Thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks Jason, I appreciate the affirmation.

  • Great advice, Jane. Distractions happen. Life happens. Let’s always keep the ball moving forward … even if it’s only a small step.

    AND, I like the Vblog … I haven’t seen one of your video blogs before and think it’s a great format/medium.

  • What a lovely quick video with tips! Thank you Jane! I am a inspirational speaker and author about my experiences in the war in Bosnia which I lived through as a teenager. I am reading your book right now, and I deeply enjoy and appreciate your emails.
    Thank you! Happy Holidays Jane!

  • Thanks for those two great tips, Jane.

    All we can do is go forward!

  • Hello Jane,
    You are having a presentation in Minneapolis, MN on Friday the 23rd. I cant make that presentation but would love the information from it because I am a new and aspiring speaker. If so, How could I obtain it and what is the cost? Thanks!!