[video] 2012 Goals

We’re already in month two of 2012, how’d that happen?
Here are 3 quick tips that will help ensure that you’re going to reach your goals this year!

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  • Jane shares great information on how to become a success in your industry of expertise.

  • Tom

    PLEASE REMOVE ME TOO… The information is so basic as to only be helpful to someone who cannot think for himself.

  • Genuine and uplifting advice. Tip from me as a speaker coach- You might want to keep your chin down a little Jane when speaking.

    • Thanks Pauline, I got that chin tip from my video coach after I had this one “in the can”. Stay tuned, I hope to improve!

  • Thanks for the video Jane. I can never be reminded of this perfect formula enough. It is always a challenge to find the right balance, especially when you are a one person operation. The most successful months are full of cash, but without time to do the behind the scenes stuff and marketing, a speaker is always doomed for a slump a few months after their busiest months. It is one thing to become a Wealthy Speaker, but another to stay that way each month.

  • …and for Tom, who thinks this is for someone who can’t think for himself… fyi, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every e-mail from Jane, just in case you can’t think for yourself. An unsubscribe request on a blog doesn’t work.

    • I love it when people come to your defence! Thanks Bro!

  • Hi Jane,

    Thanks Jane, keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for your help always Jane! The results of your guidance: In the past 15 months I have presented over 216 all day public seminars, in 50 cities, to over 6480 people. All thanks to some of your “basic” advice! 🙂 It feels GREAT! Who is that “Tom” person? Poor guy must be having a tough time. Reminds me that we often are our own worst enemies when we have a closed mind, and a negative attitude. Does anybody have a link to some of his videos? I’m interested in seeing some of his advice. Tom who?

  • Jane,
    Thanks for the advice. I’ve worked out a BLOGGING schedule that works great for me! Every week, I post 3 blogs and comment on one. Here’s how that looks:
    – Monday and Thursday (statistically, the biggest blog reading days of the week), I write a blog about life and the purpose of life.
    – Tuesday, I repost or link to someone elses blog post that is related to what I do. Normally, I add a small comment about why I want my “tribe” to leave my blog and go read someone else.
    – Sometime throughout the week, I find a blog that is related to my business, learn from them and then comment about the content.

    The great thing about blog hosts is that you can chunk out a time over the weekend and write three or four (or more) blogs and have the scheduled for the upcoming week.

    Based on your entry, I’m going to set some video training posts on my website, PurposeResourcing.com.
    Thanks again Jane! Hope to connect soon!

  • Pat

    Wow, what great recommendations. That is what I needed a little push in the right direction.
    Need to update that blog weekly.
    It’s on the list of goals. I will make this happen.
    Thanks for the tips.

  • Hi Jane. Good practical tips that most (me included) need to be reminded of often.

  • stu schultz

    Good morning, question about blogging, is this the place to share negative comments or suggestions for improvement or should those be communicated in a private message? I’m working through the wealthy speaker program and it is great! Jane I love your work and I think it is valuable. Thank you!

  • Dr. Adam Bordes

    Great work Jane (and kudos to you Gerard for sticking up for her!)

    Isn’t it funny how, it’s the people who always want bigger, better, faster tips are the ones who can’t seem to figure out how to execute on the basics??

    Keep up the great work Jane!

    And btw, I think your chin looks perfect just where it is! =)

  • The ‘consistency’ ones are usually the most difficult (for me), but also the most powerful on a long term basis. It’s the issue of discipline 🙂 Nice video, thanks!