• Nice video Jane. Well done. 5 years ago I straddled lanes from my speaking business (Or stole second base with my foot on first) to expand my RE development company internationally. The speaking business seemed to have a cap for me from a business standpoint so now I still speak but I also live on the beach in Mexico 6 months of the year building beachfront condos and villas (with a great team). I’ve come to determine the consistency with both businesses is that I am in the “Winning Life Fulfillment business”. One is I share experiences of how to win. The other I create properties and communities to live your winning life, and even to redefine what a winning life is.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on straddling lanes Jane. Verification for me.

    • Thank you Carey, I think a better title might have been “Adding Lanes” because, like you, really I am starting an entirely new business, and will be straddling both. Congrats to you and Christina for being brave enough to live the life of your dreams. Hey, post a link for us to see your development, perhaps someone will be looking for a vacation property. I know we’re looking but Mexico isn’t on our list – sorry ๐Ÿ™

  • Hey Jane… I have to say THANK YOU for doing this. Several reasons.

    1. I am reading your book now The Wealth Speaker and have been absolutely beside myself trying to PICK A LANE. I have lots of projects (always have) and the thought of picking one was killing me. Somehow I wanted to “follow the rules” as outlined by the experts (i.e. You) and have been conflicted for a couple of days … truly conflicted. You willingness to say… be the project manager over the others is a relief.

    2. I am in the process of picking a lane when it comes to my speaking topic. I lean more toward the motivational speaking side of the road and am working my first talk in that arena now. My background in real estate has always kept me in more of the technical/industry expert speaker and so this is a new arena for me.

    3. Lastly, the video blog itself. You paved the way for me to get off my butt and launch my own video blog. My husband and I went and got tripods yesterday so we can begin to do our own video blog. Being a perfectionist, I have been stalling. Yours was not “perfect” and yet is was just the message I needed and so who really cares about perfect! Big aha!

    Thank you so much! Your pioneering spirit was refreshing and I am feeling inspired to JUST DO IT!

    Looking forward to future posts!

    • I’m glad this was helpful to you – let the liberation begin! It will be helpful if you only speak on one topic. You don’t want to confuse your followers/fans/prospects. Hopefully that will work out well for you.

  • Jane, here’s an idea for your third book, a hybrid business/romance novel: “The Wealthy Speaker Who Found Lasting Love.”
    Seriously, I agree that it’s healthy to have multiple interests and outlets. While I’m clearly in the customer service lane as a speaker (heavily influenced by your advice in The Wealthy Speaker), I am passionate about tennis, craft beer, and barbecue. I could certainly see myself volunteering for the USTA (United States Tennis Assn.) or bottling a craft beer or barbecue sauce for sale at some point in the future. And having such outside interests and pursuits (beyond customer service) probably makes me a more balanced and interesting customer service speaker. My two cents.
    Wishing you all the best with your latest endeavor!

  • Bob

    Hi Jane,

    Congratulations on your video!! The first step is always the toughest. Now you’ll be video blogging weekly?

    Your topic of changing lanes (or adding lanes) is very timely for me. I just launched a new business yesterday called Social Media COO (Chief Operating Officer) http://www.socialmediacoo.com to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their social media management. This is the business that I will be speaking about this month. I still operate my marketing and video business http://www.dogandpony.ca so am changing lanes to some degree. Project management will be key as you suggest!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Congratulations on your first video blog and taking the next big step!

  • Thanks Jane! Perfect timing! It seems as if lately my creativity and enthusiasm has been in high gear. I have been feeling like I need to just shut some things down in my mind and just focus. Finding the right Project Managers sounds like a great focus to still keep my enthusiasm going and not stifle my creativity.
    I have also found it helpful to develop a long term plan that allows me to visualize how they will all come together under sort of a “master brand” or “category of subject matter expertise”

    Specifically, I have a Staffing business and in an economy like this, the only people that companies pay for are those that don’t really need a new job (very high demand people.) My enthusiasm was drawing me to help those that needed me so I started doing workshops (Career Strategies, Job Search, LinkedIn.) That has opened up a whole can of worms. I love it, my feed back is great and I am now starting to get paid (thanks to your book “The Wealthy Speaker”) by colleges.

    Thanks again!

  • This somehow ended up in my junk folder, glad I decided to check it out first, as, similar to Saundra, the timing on this is perfect for me as well. I met with a wise colleague yesterday who told me that she felt that I was spinning, and I think that is a potential problem for a “serial entrepreneur”, as you name it, who is also juggling being a single parent. Last year I launched a new consulting offering, and I have an idea for another book, however, for some time I have been overwhelmed by a feeling of lethargy. I kept using the “I am overtired” excuse, however, now that I have decided to devote some time to focus on what is really going on, I think it is quite possible that while I thought I had picked a lane, and have done so thematically, I have been doing too many different things with no real focus or ability to follow through. My wise colleague also talked about putting together a “support team”, same idea as the project team you are referring to and to hear this kind of consistency from two individuals that I respect is extremely helpful as I try and sort this all out.

    I have been doing video blogs for over a year, however, like everything else, not consistently. This post confirmed the power and potential of this medium, again, very helpful as I figure out how to focus going forward. warm regards, Erica

  • Jane,

    I love that you provided your insight on this. I think you found a way to resolve the paradox of “you shouldn’t change lanes” and “of course you can change lanes and here’s how”.

    I’m definitely on the path similar to what you describe – and I think you’re bang on about project management. Thanks for reinforcing the importance of that for me.


  • A short comment, not related to your addition of business lane, but rather to your video blog. You have brought me inspiration for quite a while now and I was a little bit worried when I read “videoblog”. As a non native English speaker, reading is not an issue, but video sometimes is. Sound can be broken, speaker can have a very strong accent or speak too fast. I meet the same issue with many of the conferences I assist to (in English) or watch online.
    When I listened to this videoblog, I was struck by how I could understand e-ve-ry-sin-gle-word of what you said. Amazing clarity, which is probably not just by chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just as I appreciated reading you in the past months (on blog or book), I will probably appreciate listening to your videoblogs as well. There are not many resources available in France/French for those who want to professionalize in public speaking (or at least improve their skills, which is rather my case). I consequently appreciate your being “easy to understand” beyond borders ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Florence, I was a little worried when I started to read your comment. I had never given any thought to someone with English as a second language viewing the video. You’ve now made me much more aware of how I deliver, thank you.

  • Thank you for modeling, yet again, grounded focus. Some of us sometimes negotiate our fees but hopefully only with sound rationale and staying in fee integrity. You gave this endeavor serious thought.

    I like that you are sharing a personal side of your life and thinking. Thank you for continuing to share your successes and helping others succeedโ€”in business and now in love.

    Your fan, Patricia

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  • it is good that you share some of your skills in speaking. I’m it would really help the others.