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For those of you who are using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, this is a valid question:

Are you taking advantage of all of the features of your CRM?

If you aren’t, don’t feel bad – I know I’m probably not!

For those of you saying “what the heck is a CRM?” or those who want to make the most of the system they are using, check out the webinar below that answers that question and also shares all of the things a Customer Relationship Management system can do for your business.

I recorded the webinar with the fabulous Austin Grammon from KarmaCRM for Speakers. Austin shares in this webinar why you want to consider getting a CRM for your business and walks through all the features included in their platform, which they’ve built exclusively for speakers!

Enjoy the Webinar!

Interested in learning more about KarmaCRM for Speakers? Head over to our Biz Boutique page and click the link to get to their site through our special affiliate link!