Website Contest, we have our winners!

first-placeWith over 80 entries for the best speaking-expert website contest, the panel and I had our work cut out for us!

And it was a very tough decision!

Drum roll please……..


Here’s what the panel saw in Toni’s website which made it stand out:

1. A clear promise and expertise. The minute you come to this website, you understand that it’s about innovation. And, Toni positions as an expert who happens to speak.

2. A topic that is needed and bookable. Innovation is something that corporate and association audiences need consistently.

3. A unique and innovative site. Toni’s site smacks of originality. You don’t see alot of the “same old – same old” speaker look or lingo.

4. Solid video.  The demo video on this site is well done and the speaking clips within are a solid representation of Toni’s platform talent.

5. Website has what a decision maker needs This site provides the decision maker with the tools they need to make their selection. She appears client friendly and easy to work with.


Toni wins a one hour coaching session with Jane.

And congratulations Richard Tremblay for nominating this site Richard wins a one hour marketing makeover or 5 copies of The Wealthy Speaker.


There were about 10 really great sites.  We thought that these two runners up deserved honorable mention.

Mark Gungor’s website is very topic specific (Laugh Your Way to a Good Marriage) but the panelists agreed that it was unique and authentic. And the communication piece could work for corporate audiences. More importantly it was written with the audience in mind (rather than the, ‘book me I’m a speaker’ approach).

We all agreed that Dan’s website is really nice looking, and has a great feel to it. The video is high energy and solid and Dan’s home page is very effective with many effective features. Great job!


Let’s not forget that websites are very subjective. Some of these you’ll love, some you won’t. I hope you will look at the criteria of this contest and measure it against your own website. There is much to learn here!

PS:  Wondering why your website didn’t win?  Consider a Focus 40 session with Jane to work on tweaking or making over your site.  Here’s the link

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  • Congratulations Jane on your Contest and to Toni Newman for Winning. Of course, we’re biased because we built Toni’s website. For all of your blog readers… Listen to what Jane has to say about transforming your website.

    The key for professional speakers is to make your site into an online cash machine, showcasing your talent, leveraging social media marketing, and building your list. Make sure you have a targeted list of prospects so you can promote your speaking, training, consulting and products. — Ford Saeks, Catalyst for Profit-Rich Results.

  • kbk

    Great contest and really helpful for me as I redesign my website. Thanks Jane!

  • Thanks…shows me I Have a long way to go, but gives me great ideas as to how to get there!

  • Robert Humboldt

    The winning site is useless for those who choose not to have FLASH.

    In a real, working business office, videos are a no-no. Give us the information WITHOUT blasting sound at us. and give it to us FAST. We don’t have time to wait for a video we don’t want to watch to insist to load and fill up our screen.

    The site says NOTHING about what she does! Maybe it’s in the video, but the only REAL WORD one the landing page is “Innovation”. Hell, the 9/11 attackers were “innovative”. What the hell can you do for me? And DON’T make me watch a video to leanr the answer.

    A REAL WINNING site will give at least one answer instantly upon arrival.

  • Jory Gerken

    I’d like to view the other 8 websites that you thought were also great. Is it possible to get a list of those. If so, please email be at the above email address.

    Thank you,
    Jory Gerken