Do You Need a Website Tune Up?

We all need our websites to be “tuned up” from time to time.  I’m in the throws of having my team install a tracker for my website so I can see where I’m keeping people and where I’m losing them.  Cool, huh?  By now most people have “feeds” coming into their pages so that current social media posts are showing up and that allows some current content to be present each day.

We’ve also added an Upcoming Events button to my home page to allow prospects to see all of our initiatives.  (Some exciting stuff brewing!)

So what might your website tune up look like?  I think it is boiled down to 3 keys:

1. POSITIONING.  I’m still seeing a lot of websites that say “hey, I’m a speaker, you should hire me”. Check out some bestselling authors websites and you’ll see that they approach it differently. What they talk about is their work and the outcomes of their work. My friend Brian Palmer of National Speakers Bureau once told me

[Tweet “clients don’t want to hire ‘speakers’, they want to hire smart people who happen to speak.”]

2. PROMISE.  Is your promise clear? That’s the statement or tagline that defines the outcomes of your work. In Chapter 4 of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, we walk you through how to get to your promise. Your promise should be: Focused on them – Outcome oriented – Short and sweet – Tells what you do (and possibly, who you do it for).

3 .PERSONALITY.  What does your website say about you?  Is it saying “you can trust this person, she knows her stuff” or “this guy is far too serious”. Allow your personality to shine through.  A great way to do that is through photography and live speaking videos.

And one BONUS ITEM.  Make sure that your website is about THEM and not YOU.  And that it highlights the benefits of your work.

Will you share your best website tips here on our blog?

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

PS: Hugh Culver and I are going to be covering some of these exact topics in the upcoming Business of Speaking School (BOSS) an 8 week live and online program starting early March. Check out the Early Bird Pricing now!

  • Jane – very timely. We were just reviewing our websites at the NSA Nor Cal Speakers Academy! I’ve forwarded this article to my fellow academy members.

    • speakerlauncher

      Fantastic! I love the Nor Cal Chapter! Drop me a line if the group wants to use my materials or get some coaching. I’ll be standing by!

  • Kristin J. Arnold

    Jane – This is a good reminder and very timely. One of my goals this year is to update my website…prompted by a new client who said, “Kristin, your website is looking a little dated” and I am thinking, “But I built it ‘only’ 5 years ago!”

    • speakerlauncher

      Five years flies by so quickly, doesn’t it Kristin!!!

  • I just finished having a brand new website built and refreshing my branding do you think I missed something? I just not getting the response I have had prior to 2008 even though I’m a motivational speaker, safety speaker, educational speaker, fitness speaker, sports speaker and keynote speaker. I attached a new one sheet that was also designed for this year 2015 what do you think I am missing? Thanks! Kevin P.S. You can just go up to 200 to be able to read the One Sheet, thanks!