What’s Under Your Umbrella?

For years I’ve been touting the strategy of becoming known for one thing.

Focus is helpful in any business, and most of us need it in order to be our most productive. The question is “what do you want to be known for 5 years from now?”

There are people who can pull off several different business initiatives and make it look easy – these are the exceptions. These are the true entrepreneurs.

But for most, I think the umbrella helps us see our business in a nutshell and can help keep us focused. For a PDF of the umbrella click here.

The top of the umbrella is where you write in your area of focus, your expertise (what your empire is all about). For instance, you might write “Leadership Communication” at the top of that umbrella. In the white space in the middle, you’ll write in your topics. These could include various topics of speeches, books, etc., all relating back to the way you communicate as a leader. The arrows below are your revenue streams, the various ways you get your message out: keynotes, workshops, consulting, coaching, product, public seminars, membership clubs, etc.

This umbrella serves as your business model. The ideal situation is that you have only one umbrella and all of your ideas fit within it.

Some entrepreneurs may have 2 or more different umbrellas on the go. Again, that’s not easy; but stay tuned for the Frog Chronicles, I’m going to be expanding my business and I believe following my journey may provide some lessons.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

ps: If you’re uncertain about your umbrella, you might consider signing up for a Focus 40 session, an inexpensive way to gain clarity on your business model and positioning. https://www.speakerlauncher.com/focus40.html

  • I LOVE this PDF! Thanks for sharing it. It’s concise and easy to understand. Plus, it’s applicable even if you’re not a recognized leader or speaker!

  • NIce visual and idea, Jane.

    Mind Mapping is another visual and a tool that can help with this.

    When done with software it is easy to customize, change and link to urls, documents and other mind maps.

    There are several examples on this Post.


  • This is a wonderful visual, and a great way to get focused. I like the idea of multiple streams of income that have a theme, and aren’t just what ‘happens’ randomly – although that’s how many small town businesses expand their offerings. If an idea doesn’t fit under your umbrella, get ready for some rain on your parade. 🙂

  • Goodmorning Jane, after being self employed for 18 years now, i fully understand and agree 350% in this tough economy more than one empire is a must.But managing them, not working them is the way! I welcome your coaching methods on that subject, your message was well received! Thanks for inspiring all.

  • mark johnson

    Good stuff Jane, I heard a recording of yours I had recieved from a successful biz tpye and decided to access your site and sign up for your news letter. The umbrella idea makes perfect sense and being a visual person helps emblazon the idea into my head. I’m in the process of reinventing myself, as I’m preparing to retire from law enforcement. Aside from dealing with inmates, I life coach youth and inmates preparing to reenter society after being incarcertated. I have a dramatization for youth that can really grow (bullying, etc)and this umbrella helps me “mind map” the potential for growth. I need to turn this into a platform that can generate additional income.