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Here are the 2022 Best Speaker Website Contest Finalists!

Here are the 2022 Best Speaker Website Contest Finalists! Featured Image

Wow! We had a record number of websites nominated for our 2022 Best Speaker Website contest! Thank you to everyone that submitted a website for consideration.

We’ve had a chance to look at all the websites and evaluate them based on our points of criteria:

  • Style
  • Ease
  • Positioning
  • Video
  • Message

It has never been so difficult to choose our finalists. There were some amazing websites that got inched out ever so slightly. Everyone who submitted should be proud.

Here are this year’s nominees (with a few ‘Honorable Mentions’ below):

Ginger Johnson
nominee Ginger Johnson website


Why it made the list:
  • I love the uniqueness of Ginger and her website – it really showcases this topic (connection) well.

Allan Kehler
nominee Allan Kehler website


Why it made the list:
  • There’s a good vibe on Allan’s website, good energy, and the topic is definitely current.


Sheri Fitts
nominee Sheri Fitts website


Why it made the list:
  • Sheri’s website is unique,  fun, and makes you want to know more.  She’s very dialed into her niche, which is awesome.

John Register
nominee john register


Why it made the list:
  • This website is well done and very professional.  Although I normally don’t like carousels (for those that don’t know, a carousel is the sideways scrolling above the fold), I think this one works.

Cassandra Worthy

nominee cassandra worthy website

Why it made the list:
  • Notice the difference that photography makes?  This website oooozes energy – is that not what you want when choosing a speaker?

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Honorable Mentions:

These were a few of the other websites we received that I wanted to give an honorable mention to!

Nominated by Mary Ellen Taylor:
I love it when people are brave in their marketing. I’m not suggesting everyone should curse, but I am giving Laurie points for owning who she is.

Dave Raymond:
Dave promises fun and it shows up on his website, he gets extra points (street cred) for the Jimmy Kimmel piece, he also has a great video.

Penny Tremblay:
Phototography can sometimes make all the difference, Penny’s energy shines through immediately with her “hero” image.

Denise Logan:
Despite a tricky topic to explain, Denise’s website provides clarity of the topic and the expert behind it.



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