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By helping our clients think bigger and bolder, and giving them the tools to run their business more effectively and earn more money, my team and I help speakers and their families live more secure, fun and adventurous lifestyles.

Jane Atkinson, Speaer Coach

Choosing the right speaker coach can make all the difference

When searching for a speaker coach to give you a leg up in your business, you want to check for credibility, and ensure that the person has “been there and done that”.

25 Years of Street Cred. Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their businesses for over 25 years. As a former speaker’s agent, she has represented numerous speakers, celebrities, and best-selling authors.

Today, as a speaker coach, Jane has helped some of the industry’s hottest stars. Many of Jane’s clients have vaulted to the top 3% of the field. Her clients are the who’s who…. Executive VP’s of Fortune 100 companies, Editors-in-Chief of Top Magazines, Bestselling Authors, Adventurers, Ivy League Professors and regular everyday people who have a strong message.

In Jane’s former life as an agent, she often took speakers from 0 to 80 engagements per year at very high fees. What was her secret? Her ability to choose speakers with high levels of talent, combined with her marketing formula. Jane worked with them to develop focused and effective marketing materials, and then implemented a consistent, long-term sales and marketing strategy.

Being able to understand a client’s needs is key in the speaking industry, and Jane spent over a decade on the front line selling to them and working through to speech completion.

Speakers Bureau Executive. Jane went on to work as Vice President for International Speakers Bureau in Dallas, TX managing their Exclusive Speakers Division. There she represented celebrities like boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and President of Washington Wizards Basketball, Susan O’Malley. Also included in the ISB roster were bestselling authors like Gary Hoover of hoovers.com and the Swedish authors of Funky Business, Jonas Ridderstrale, and Kjell Nordstrom.

Spending a total of 6 years under the roof of a bureau gave Jane some keen insights into the industry. Not only did she see hundreds of speaker’s marketing materials (the good, the bad and the ugly), but she learned the keys to building profitable long-term relationships with bureaus. If you want to get a harsh look at your competition in the speaking industry, spend a day checking out the database at a speakers bureau.

Author, Coach, Consultant, Speaker.  Currently, Jane is a full-time speaker coach and consultant dealing exclusively with professional speakers, celebrities and CEO’s. Her clients are the who’s who and the up-and-comers of the speaking world. When she goes out on the road to speak, it’s delivering workshops to the toughest audience, professional speakers!  Her workshops are some of the highest rated at National Speakers Association and Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and Toastmasters conferences.

Jane’s book entitled “The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: A Proven Formula for Building a Successful Speaking Business” has been touted “the bible” of the speaking. Her follow up book “The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of The Wealthy Speaker” has become the speakers “presentations reference guide”.

Jane has been trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and combines coaching with consulting. The results are a combination of 20+ years industry experience with actual coaching technique and structure.

What’s her edge?  The speaking business is Jane’s business – she’s not doing this on the side.  She has systems and strategies designed to work to get you booked more.  Whether through her Wealthy Speaker books and products, private coaching or group coaching, Jane’s “Ready, Aim, Fire™” process has helped thousands of speakers grow their business faster.  

Prior to the speaking industry, Jane worked in a hodge podge of marketing roles for companies like 3M Canada, Canadian Airlines, FM96 Radio and Sunshine Village Ski Resort. She also did some work for P&O Cruise Lines in Australia.

jane atkinson familySeveral years ago Jane moved back to Canada to be closer to family. Her hometown of London, Ontario is where she met her husband John and lives in her dream house by the Thames River, with their Labradoodle Molly. When they married, Jane became a step-Mom and a Gramma (G-Ma) all in one day and they are now expecting their 3rd grandchild.


“We believe that the whole point of building a business is to create a lifestyle that works perfectly for you and your family. And that’s what we strive to help you do!”
– Jane Atkinson

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** CSP – Certified Speaker Professional designation given by the National Speakers Association. CPAE – Council of Peers Award, the highest designation given by NSA.


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