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Jane Atkinson is the author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: A Proven Formula for Catapulting Your Speaking Business as well The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers and Scaling Your Speaking Business.


The Wealthy Speaker 3.0

Your Recipe for Building the Speaking Business of Your Dreams

Ready, Aim, Launch … the Business of Your Dreams!

Jane Atkinson has always delivered – valuable experience, purposeful strategies, effective tools, and indispensable advice. The Wealthy Speaker 3.0 is no exception. 

What you loved about The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is still here – the targeted coach’s questions, helpful tips from the masters, and inspiring real-life flashpoint stories. But this thoroughly updated and completely revised edition brings you a new recipe:

  • Ready – will help you get crystal clear on what you’re selling, your ideal audience, and your fees.
  • Aim – spotlights marketing that includes an epic presentation combined with an effective website.
  • Launch – is where you’ll roll out to your target audience. This is the “show me the money” stage!

And throughout Jane goes deep on the speaker’s mindset and lifestyle. It’s truly game-changing!

The Wealthy Speaker 3.0 boasts a new streamlined look that enhances Jane’s no-nonsense style. Short chapters offer improved readability for busy people and a more focused topic-by-topic approach. 

Plus a Bonus! A downloadable file contains all the coach’s questions, worksheets, and other vital links and info.

Jane Atkinson is the ultimate speaker launcher!

The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of Wealthy Speakers

The Epic Keynote is where craftsmanship meets style. Don’t leave your presentation to chance, take the steps required to make it EPIC! The most impactful speakers have a high level of relevance for their audience, customize to make it meaningful and tell stories that make people laugh and cry. Do you have what it takes to deliver The Epic Keynote?

  • Are your stories crafted and vivid for the listener?
  • Is your style one that engages the audience from minute one?
  • Do you take people on a journey and inspire them to think about things in different ways?
  • Does your keynote result in more speeches do you get asked back again and again?

Jane Atkinson has put the wisdom of her speaking colleagues, The Wealthy Speakers, with her own to deliver a book that every person who gives speeches must read. Whether you are a professional speaker, or the head of a company, taking these tips and techniques onto the stage with you will ensure superior results.

Scaling Your Speaking Business

10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less

Scaling Your Speaking Business: 10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less, is the one book every speaker who is looking for a path to accelerated growth in their speaking business needs to read immediately!

Mapping out 10 key ideas that will have you earning more while doing less, this clearly laid out strategy will help you:

  • Check your mindset and map out long-term goals, without any limits
  • Put systems and processes in place for faster, yet manageable, growth
  • Create clarity around your team positions and new hires
  • Establish relationships with resellers, sponsors, and middlemen
  • Create passive and non-passive revenue streams with the types of offerings
    you love
  • Craft the perfect business that sees you running it, not it running you!

If your goal for your speaking business is to elevate your income, whether it be from $100K to $250K, or from $250K to a million, you cannot afford to miss out on the real-life advice, stories from Jane’s clients and inner circle, and expert strategies in this book.

 Every book comes with a link to our exclusive bonus pages, worksheets, and links that will help you in your journey to scaling your business!  The value in these pages alone is worth the price of the book!