Who’s Got Your Back?

We’ve all heard the message that we need to stop working IN our business – on a regular basis – to work ON our business. When you get sucked into the vortex of day-to-day business “to do’s”, it’s easy to forget to move your strategy forward. So how do you ensure that you stop to […]

Are You the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Sometimes I hear people who book speakers talking about how speakers approach them. The speakers ask “do you have a couple of minutes?” and then proceed to keep them on the line for a half hour telling them how great and unique they are. So what’s the problem here? Bureaus, meeting planners and decision makers […]

Are Bureaus “Just Not That Into You”?

He’s just not that into you. A phrase first made famous by Sex in the City, turned book, now very popular movie. The reason for its success?  It allows you not to take it personally when someone rejects you. The same goes for speakers bureaus. You should not take it personally when they don’t book […]