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Hey there!

We’ve helped thousands of speakers take their careers and businesses to the next level and I can tell you…. 

without a shadow of doubt, every top professional speaker has invested in their marketing.

If you are ready to ratchet your marketing up a notch, you aren’t going to want to miss this next class with myself and Chris West.

Here are some details….


Events are back. Your message grew and strengthened over the past two years. Now, how should you be planning to leverage your 2022-23 events to create your next speaker video?

We will answer this question with industry expert Chris West.

Topics we will cover:



The way your story is told has a direct impact on scaling your business.  Incredibly important for professional speakers.

When it comes to telling your story, there is simply no one better than Chris and Video Narrative.

Chris West has helped thousands of speakers level up their message, their marketing and their videos.  He knows the direct path to higher fees and a packed calendar.

JOIN US >> Wednesday, December 14th @ 1pm ET (reserve 90 minutes)

Registration is now closed

Chris West, Founder, Video Narrative