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The Wealthy Speaker 3.0! - NOW AVAILABLE!

Since writing The Wealthy Speaker & Wealthy Speaker 2.0, a lot has changed in the speaking business.

And this *NEW* book, the third installment of the Wealthy Speaker collection, addresses all of those key changes, and more.

You’ve probably asked yourself:


How can I build the speaking business that I’ve been dreaming about AND get paid what I know I’m worth?


The answer lies in the pages of the The Wealthy Speaker 3.0 where you’ll learn:


  • The step-by-step formula for building a speaking business – my exclusive methodology: Ready, Aim, Launch!
  • How to find the right audience for you (that pays)
  • What your “promise” is to buyers in the current market
  • How to set and increase your fees based on current economics
  • When to work with partners (like speakers bureaus & agents)
  • What topics to focus on to get paid well in today’s market
  • How to set up and thrive with virtual presentations


Also, we’ll do a comprehensive deep-dive into the Wealthy Speaker Mindset.

What’s changed since I first wrote The Wealthy Speaker?


And most of all, I’ve changed the way I think about the speaking business and what I think is possible, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


This completely updated & revised version: The Wealthy Speaker 3.0 is also chock-full of coaching questions, flashpoints, brand new worksheets & exercises — and most importantly, it has your recipe for success!