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4 Simple Words: You CAN Do This!

4 simple words - you can do this

Advertisers spent roughly $5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial to air during the Super Bowl. Those commercials do not always lead us directly to the point but are typically meant to evoke some emotion. They are designed to make you think while raising their brand power and the most successful will last in our minds for years to come. 

Without a doubt, we could argue that we may not switch to Budweiser because of the horse and the dog (remember that?) or run out and purchase a Mini Cooper because of the Serena Williams spot (you have to love their chutzpah for facing all of the buyer’s objections head on). Bottom line, those ads are inspiring, and that is what advertising and brands are all about. However, sometimes I wonder if they focus enough on what they are selling.

What are you selling?

After hosting my first Business Growth Summit in Dallas last week,  Accelerate 2016, I recognize that what I am selling is the dream. The dream that you can have the life that you want and earn a healthy (wealthy) living by taking your message to the platform.   

Is the dream possible?  

Yes, I believe it is. Many of my clients are living the dream, and I included many of their stories in the Flashpoints sections of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and The Epic Keynote books. Moreover, some of our guest coaches in Dallas had done it – like Michael Hoffman, who talked to us about going deep into a company and demonstrated beautifully why a client might want to partner with him long term.

But let’s be honest. The life is not always glamorous. The 11pm arrivals into bad hotels after delayed flights and the not so perfect rooms that we speak in don’t sound all that “wealthy speaker.” Guess what? People pay us to stand up and talk. Good money to hear our thoughts and ideas. I scratch my head in near disbelief every day about this!

So if you are sitting there in your office, wondering if you should listen to your relatives and give up this profession to get a “real job,” I want you to remember this commercial that is quite powerful.  It is for Pokemon but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm – hear this message.  

Be happy where you are!

I am not living my dream fully quite yet, but I can tell you honestly, that I’ve come a heck of a long distance from my “wishful thinking waitress” days back in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We all start somewhere. If you are ever discouraged, I hope you will remember this post and this hashtag, because…


See you soon Wealthy Speakers!
Jane Atkinson

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