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[Podcast] How to Achieve the Big Goals with Jill McAbe

How to Achieve the Big Goals with Jill McAbe

How to achieve the BIG goals, well it isn’t just luck. It’s a science. Jill McAbe developed her MINDCODE™ process offer a neuroscience approach to help entrepreneurs hit their goals. This episode is a fascinating dive into how our conscious and subconscious work together when we hit our goals in life and in business.

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Show Notes:

[1:42] How did Jill get started in goal setting and strategy, coming from behavior and neuroscience?

[4:48] How do we decide what goals to work on first

[6:20] MINCODE is all about zooming out before you can zoom in.

[11:03] The subconscious will only show us what we have predicted and anomalies from those predictions.

[14:53] Meditation…is it “woo-woo” or a practical tool?

[16:57] The more specific you are with your subconscious, the more permanent the results.

[19:19] Jill offers some “in the moment” strategies.

[24:43] How to deal with negative thoughts and beliefs.

[29:56] When you fail, what do you do next?

[35:52] Jill has some tips for setting goals that stick.

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