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Are You a Pusher or Attractor?

Are You a Pusher or Attractor? 1200 x 1200

As I left the zoom call with Gabriella, I thought about how the call went. Was I in the mode that I wanted to be in when it came to my business?

And the answer was “no”.

I felt myself “selling” Gabriella on my services and it wasn’t the position that I wanted to approach my calls from. I wanted to share with her the outcomes of the work and allow her to buy from me, rather than be sold.

So I made a decision. This would be the year to surrender: the year to attract business, rather than “push” it on to my clients.

What does attraction look like in my world?

  • Putting out solid content to our email list that people find valuable.
  • Making our prospects aware of our offerings but not getting too “in the weeds” selling features but focusing on outcomes.
  • Continuing to deliver great podcast content and guests.
  • Re-tooling our Wealthy Speaker School to make sure that we engage students when they arrive so they want to stay for a long time.

Does attraction feel somewhat “out there” to you? If so, ask yourself how you want to be received by your prospective buyers.  Do you want to push or do you want to draw them towards you, like a magnet?

When setting up a client call, you might use Joe Calloway’s line, “let’s hop on a call and see if this is a good fit.”  And in that same spirit, walk away when it isn’t a good fit.  We’ve walked away from quite a few opportunities lately, despite having a pretty rough start to the year.

When mapping out your content for the year, either through your newsletter or podcast, think about how you can serve your community with solid ideas. Also, ask yourself when you engage your clients, are you making it about them or about you?

Attraction is a powerful tool when used properly. I hope you’ll give it some thought!

See you soon Wealthy Speaker!

PS:  I asked Gabriella to give me a second chance. She did… and she became a client. 😊

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