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Are You Prepared to Over Deliver?

Are You Prepared to Over Deliver? - Featured Image 1

I used to caution my clients to not give until it hurts. And I stand by the idea of not creating a win-lose situation (for you) in negotiations. But once you reach a win-win, I believe your job is to then over deliver.

Let me explain.

A Sudden Realization

This past year, I’ve been studying wealth. My primary guru is Brooke Castillo who earns about 15 million per year. With my old philosophy of being very careful and guarded with my time and information, it got me about half the way to my financial goals. Then when I started studying Brooke’s program (online course and community), I realized something big…

I was being chintzy.

So what did I do? I threw everything out and started over.

When I told my team what I wanted to do with my new online course and community, The Wealthy Speaker School, they were pretty hesitant. “You want to do what”???? But we started to build it. In the beginning, we had 3 levels where you had to pay more to get access to all of the information. But about halfway through the development, I changed my mind and decided to give everything we have to everyone for the one low price.

I didn’t want to be chintzy anymore!

Every time I was faced with a decision of how much to give, I had to have a little chat with myself with a reminder to stay the course. At the end of this amazing period of building, tweaking, reworking, and reworking again, we are providing more value than ever before…fearlessly!

To Over Deliver, You Have to Let Go of Fear

No doubt there have been moments in your business where you wanted to over deliver, yet you didn’t give more because you were challenged by several fear-driven what-ifs: 

  • What if you put your entire speech online in the spirit of service? Will that prevent people from hiring you?
  • What if you offer to stay and deliver an extra presentation for your client, as a gift? Will that diminish your brand?
  • What if instead of reducing your fee, you throw some books into the package to make the client feel good? Will that create a win-lose?

These are all great what if’s. And my suggestion is that you make a decision and then proceed boldly. My mentor years ago (a multimillionaire) Peter Legge, always told me “decisions based on fear are typically wrong.”

The “what if’s” for me in my new Wealthy Speaker School were front and center.  

What if I’m only charging a small tuition fee plus $197 per month? Then couldn’t someone come in and digest all of my material all in 30 days?

That’s okay. Moving boldly forward.  

And what if I offer every single module and lesson to everybody and I don’t hold anything back for upgrades? Aren’t I losing money?

Doesn’t matter.  As long as people get what they need.

Well, what if someone shares their membership with someone else?

Oh well. So be it!

When you are developing something that (you hope) will be a game-changer for you, you have to do it without fear. You have to make decisions and then move into them boldly. It’s that simple.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  1. Where in your business, could you be adding more value?
  2. What’s something that you’ve held back doing based on fear?
  3. What can you build into your keynote or workshop fee that would surprise and delight your clients?

Take some time today to consider how you can over deliver for your clients. Then let go of fear and dive in!

I’ll see you soon, Wealthy Speakers!



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