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Are You Ready For Your Greatness?


At the beginning of his speaking career, one of my clients, Roger, wasn’t quite ready to step into the spotlight of greatness. He thought he had some good ideas and he knew he had some skill, but the confidence hadn’t really kicked in yet.

The day that Roger made a declaration that he was indeed a big stage keynote speaker everything changed. Roger’s mind caught up with his desires.

So much about what we do is mental.

Remember that saying “the first sale is to yourself”? That’s such a smart line from Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting. That idea kicked in big time for me the last time I raised my fees. I really had to sell the idea to myself before I could sell it to my prospective clients. Now that I have it locked in, I have no issues at all with my fee. In fact, I know based on industry standards and the outcomes I’ve helped people achieve, it’s pretty darn low!

Being able to quote your fees is one aspect of being ready for your greatness, but there’s more to it than that.

We really need to prepare for the spotlight. Standing center stage in front of 1,000 people takes confidence. It requires swagger. The game changes at that level. It’s very likely that you will not be able to see your audience’s faces because there will be bright lights shining right into your eyes. When that happens, something is going to need to come up from deep inside of you to declare that you belong right there – front and center!

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You are going to need to stand tall in your greatness in that moment!

Of course, you might have butterflies before going into a high stakes presentation, but I don’t think butterflies means you’re not ready. It means that you are alive and that you are pumped about the possibilities to come.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready:

– When you set your goals, do you really go for it? (No limits!)

– When you quote your fees, is it with ample confidence?

– When clients go to your website, do they get an amazing first impression?

– When you take a large stage are you standing tall in your power?

– Have you invested in your business because you know you can’t fail?

If you answered no to some of these, you might have some work to do.

Chances are, not being ready has delayed you in some way. Either you have dilly dallied on your marketing or you haven’t taken action in your outreach and systems for bringing people in the door.

Getting ready for your greatness requires mental conditioning and physical preparation. Are you taking action to ensure that you’re ready?

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