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[Podcast] Be More Funny, Make More Money with David Glickman

Be More Funny, Make More Money with David Glickman
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 How do I make this funny? What if I have a serious topic? As a speaker and comedian, David Glickman has built his career around being funny. David has also helped speakers infuse humor into their speeches with humor punch-ups. In this episode, David talks about the value of getting a laugh on stage. If you’ve ever said “but I’m just not funny” this is a great episode for you.   

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Show Notes:

[1:41] If someone has a straight-laced, serious speaking topic, should they still try to infuse some humor?

[3:50] How can you customize humor to a specific audience?

[7:14] David even manages to infuse some humor into a talk about hospice.

[8:01] What are some of the ways that David delivers humor in his own presentations?

[9:48] There are a couple ways to “milk a laugh”

[11:14] What does LPM stand for?

[13:30] Write the speech first without the pressure of making it funny.

[18:00] But…what if I don’t have a funny bone in my body?

[18:38] There are three components to being funny on stage.

[21:52] What happens when you don’t get a laugh?

[24:52] When to wing it, when to plan it all out.

[29:30] The Internet is a great tool for humor writers.

[32:41] What are some great books speakers can pick up to help with humor?

[36:00] David has a couple more tips for sharpening our humor skills.

[37:42] Do you have a humor buddy?

[41:15] What are some good opportunities to test out new material?

[43:21] Some listener questions!

[43:37] Has David ever blown it with a joke? How did he recover?

[45:39] When in doubt…

[49:06] If you’ve got a new speech, should you deliver it a couple times before trying to add humor?

[54:49] Humor can be a nice bonus that audiences don’t expect.

[55:55] Should you add something funny to your intro?

[56:50] Check out and

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