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Becoming a Master of the Speaking Industry

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I recently interviewed Josh Linker who’s out killing the speaking business. He’s speaking over a hundred times per year (highest number of engagements in a year – 165!, CRAZY!) at $35,000 per engagement.

Josh successfully sold his tech companies but had started to speak while he was the CEO. He recognized very early on that he wanted to be great on the platform, that he wanted to move from amateur to professional. So he set out to make that happen!

But Josh didn’t stop there, he analyzed and studied every aspect of a speaking business and became a master of both the craft and the business of speaking.

And once he reached the top, he didn’t rest on his laurels. Josh continues to improve his presentation on the regular and reinvent his marketing every 18 months.  

Josh models for us a very impressive commitment to continuous improvement.

So – let me ask you:

What have you done over the past year to make yourself a master of your craft?  

What will you do in 2020 to master the business of speaking?

What will you do in 2020 to start or continue your learning in the areas of the speaking business where you are weakest?

Check out the Josh Linkner podcast for more inspiration!.

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