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Being a Pioneer in Speaking with Gaby Natale

Being a Pioneer in Speaking with Jane Atkinson and Gaby Natale
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Quote: “I am convinced that the most important thing we have as communicators and speakers is our truth.” Gaby Natale

You know how scary it can be to do something for the first time? How jumping in with both feet can be terrifying but also exhilarating at the same time? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome my client, three-time Emmy-Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author Gaby Natale, to share her journey from unemployment to the big stage.

Gaby is among just a few women in the entertainment industry who not only owns the rights to her media content, but also a television studio. This unique situation has allowed her to combine her passion for media and her entrepreneurial spirit, which continues to help her break barriers. In 2021, Gaby became the first Latina author to be published by the leadership division of HarperCollins. Her first book, The Virtuous Circle, became an instant bestseller, topping Amazon’s New Releases charts in 3 different categories (Business, Inspiration and Self-Help). What has made the book so successful is that it offers readers actionable strategies on how to channel their innate strength and abilities to best work for them.

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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. Today we are in for a treat as my client, Gabby. Natalie is here. We are going to talk about being a pioneer in speaking. Welcome to the podcast, Gabby,

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Gabriela Natale: Ola Jane! Hello, Everyone nice and very happy to be here joining you today. Well, I am so excited, you know, being a pioneer is kind of what you talk about all day every day.

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Jane Atkinson: But so let's talk about where you kind of sit with your business model today. What kind of work are you doing these exciting packages that you're doing? And then we'll kind of start back at your history and really share how you got here. Absolutely. So I work mostly with

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Gabriela Natale: um global corporations, fortune, five hundred companies. I will say that there is a specific industry. I have clients who are in tech. I have clients who are in real estate financial. So it is across many industries, but the commonality is that they are companies who want to pioneer, who want to disrupt, who want to innovate, who want to see something new in their industry, and who also want to

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Gabriela Natale: make sure that their workforce and whoever is associated with them can see what I have as a message which is to see the world from a place of possibilities to disrupt and pioneer.

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Jane Atkinson: So these are global corporations, and I have from keynote to training to packages as you mentioned. So it's a wide variety of different offerings that I have specifically for this type of clients, and I think probably for some of those clients you being up on stage may very well be the first latina they've ever had representing. So you're actually expanding their representation as Well,

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Gabriela Natale: Ninety-nine point nine percent of the cases I am the first Latina a lot of times, and that also sends a powerful message to the audience to their workforce, because they many, many times they have these Latino employees who are employees coming from different minorities, who say like this is the first time somebody who has a big, fat fat accent like me is on a stage. This is the first time that somebody

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Gabriela Natale: is sharing stories that include some kind of first hand story of being an immigrant, and how to make it, and how you can go from A to B by embracing all of who you are, by smashing stereotypes, by believing yourself so more when sometimes you have to face bias, or you have to face no expectations about who you are or your community. So ninety-nine point nine percent of the case is. Yes, that's true.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, Let's go back to where you grew up, and what precipitated you coming over to America?

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Gabriela Natale: Absolutely. So. Um. I am from Argentina, South America, and I graduated with a master's degree in journalism, and as any graduate who is passionate about starting this new chapter of their lives,

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Gabriela Natale: I wanted to take over the world, but the world had a very different plan for me, because in the year two thousand and one, when I graduated in Argentina. There were twenty percent unemployment. It was a big crisis. Riots in the streets, a lot of political instability, five Presidents in ten days.

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Gabriela Natale: Ah! So you can imagine. I was knocking on doors of different media outlets, Tv radio newspapers and saying, Hey, I want to join your workforce, and I want to join your team, and they were telling me like, okay. But today i'm like today i'm laying off twenty percent of our employees. So

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Gabriela Natale: it was not an ideal situation, and I spent almost two years unemployed. And I always say, Jane, that when you spend a long time unemployed and in recession you start to believe that this lack of response from companies from employers is a reflection of who you are as a professional or as a person. Even we mistakenly make that assumption, and I wasn't I mean I was under that impression,

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Gabriela Natale: and you asked me about why I came here, how I came here. I was in this

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Gabriela Natale: kind of limbo, you know. They don't know what to do, and a friend of mine asked me to help her. She was coordinating an international summit and international conference, and they help professors coming from different parts of the world.

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Gabriela Natale: And she said, You know I want you to come. Help me. I thought it was going to be to come, help her as a journalist, as a paved journalist. But actually what she wanted, Jane was somebody who would hand out flyers and would move the tears, and

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Gabriela Natale: I felt at that time that that was the irrefutable proof that I was a loser, that I had studied so much that I had prepared so much for big things in my life that I quote unquote, ended up doing unpaid work

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Gabriela Natale: that was somehow beneath what I had studied. But check this out.

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Gabriela Natale: Ah! My mother called, and she asked me like, Why are you feeling so low? You don't want to go. Help your friend, and I say, like i'm a loser. And she asked me a question that changed the trajectory of my life. She asked me, Do you have anything better to do with your time, Gabby

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Gabriela Natale: and I said, No, I'm unemployed. So she said, This is what you're going to do tomorrow. Tomorrow you're going to go out and put your best clothes, your best attitude, Red Lipstick, and you are going to work with your

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Gabriela Natale: a game, because you never know when opportunities will knock on your door. So I went there, and little did I know, like I always say, mamma is Ruha, which means my my is some kind of fortune-teller, you know,

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Gabriela Natale: because what happened was that by noon my friend came, and she said, the translator cancelled I know you are bilingual, and I have this delegation of professors from George Washington University,

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Gabriela Natale: and nobody is here to translate for them. Would you please help me save the day translate for them? So I dropped the chairs. I dropped the flyers. I started translating,

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Gabriela Natale: and, to make a long story short, that connection that I made that day was the beginning of what we now call telework. There was no worth at the time for that. And then, when,

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Gabriela Natale: probably a year after that, they had an opening for somebody bilingual in a public relations firm that they led in Washington, Dc. Guess who was first in line to get the offer. Gary, Natalie. So really, sometimes, when you feel like you're about to give up. Push a little bit harder, because that might be the day your whole life changes. Ah, I love that story, and that is not,

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Jane Atkinson: you know, feeling like a like when you've lost your mojo,

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Jane Atkinson: which I think can happen to speakers just after a series of more than one. You didn't get this engagement right. It's very easy, for if if the phone hasn't rang for a week, it's very easy to start to lose your Mojo. So here you are, after two years of unemployment, feeling the same thing, and you were still able to pick yourself up and become a pioneer. There was a time when

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Jane Atkinson: you were afraid, and it was like a contest or something. What was What about this contest? I read about this in your How about this contest that you are like? Oh, no, this isn't for me.

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Gabriela Natale: So I was working as a new soccer, and as a journalist so many times we we get asked to to tolerate the panel or to Mc events. Ah, so that was back when I was working full time as a new sanctuary.

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Gabriela Natale: And so what happened was that somebody invited me to an activity that is called storytellers in a conference called: We all Grow, that I love it, and I agreed, and

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Gabriela Natale: it was a different type of experience, because it was not moderating a panel or being the Mc. Which was the type of things I was so familiar with, and in a way protected me because I was there in the role of the Mc. In the role of the moderator. I didn't have to share a lot about me. The role protected me.

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Gabriela Natale: But this time for this conference we all grow. What they asked me was to share a real life story about my journey in thirteen minutes, and I agree without thinking that much.

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Gabriela Natale: But as the day got closer I started getting cold feed, and I said, like, Ah! Why did I agree to this engagement? Why did I agree to share something? And I knew in the audience there were going to be clients, people in my industry. So I felt that maybe if I if I shared something personal it would even hurt my business. It could even hurt my reputation in a way. But I said, if i'm gonna do it, i'm gonna do it right, and i'm gonna be truthful. So I should

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Gabriela Natale: shared some of the stories about being unemployed in Argentina, and I say, like

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Gabriela Natale: i'm not going to care so much about being perfect. I'm just going to be truthful, because I am convinced that the most important thing we have as communication as communicators and the speakers is our truth and also our energy.

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Gabriela Natale: Eighty percent of what we communicate is not the words that we say. It's not the perfect delivery. It is how you show up for people.

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Gabriela Natale: So I went there, and I opened my heart, Share these stories, and I connected with people, and as I was walking down the stage I already felt, Jane that I had won something, and what I won was to conquer my fear of opening my heart in front of a large audience, instead of being the the serious reporter. Ah, because isn't it one of the rules of journalism to never become the story yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: Right? So you're coming out from, You know. Kind of

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Jane Atkinson: out in front of the camera to be the person who's like the show, but it's usually You're highlighting somebody else, not yourself. And so this was you saying, All right. I'm: Okay, being in the spotlight huge. And I was not okay at all being in the spotlight.

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Gabriela Natale: So what I didn't know, because I felt already like, hey? I won. I won by opening my heart and conquering my fear, and what I didn't know was that there was a literary agent in the audience. She heard my story. She heard my delivery, so how I connected with the audience.

00:11:29.050 --> 00:11:40.859
Gabriela Natale: And so the following week she reached out to me and said, like. There's a book here, and I said, Yes, there is a book I had already done like the first draft of the virtual circle in my book,

00:11:40.870 --> 00:12:09.619
Gabriela Natale: and within three months we have a book offer. Ah! From Harper Collins. So it was first published in Spanish, and then years later, published in English, and I became the first Latina author to be published by the Leadership Division of Harper Collins, and to narrate also my own audiobook, which is a whole different story for somebody who is not your traditional author. Narrator: You had to fight

00:12:09.630 --> 00:12:35.359
Jane Atkinson: you. You had to fight to actually be the narrator of your own audio book because of your accent. And so number one, you're a pioneer. Ah, being on that stage and doing so well, but also a pioneer in terms of first Latina author, with Harper Collins, signed to a Harper Collins, and then fighting

00:12:35.370 --> 00:12:51.770
Jane Atkinson: to audio to narrate your own audio book, I mean, imagine, as a speaker them, saying, No, you can't. It's gotta be somebody else without an accent like No, and i'm so proud of you for fighting for that. That is amazing.

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Jane Atkinson: And and also imagine a book that tells the story of an immigrant like with somebody who's, you know, sound doesn't really resemble the story they are telling, so it makes no sense at all that makes no sense whatsoever. Um! The other things that you have done so kind of fast forwarding to something more recent talk a little bit about

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Jane Atkinson: Jp. Morgan Chase. So you know you taking risks. We've talked a little bit about that Talk about something that just happened recently with Jp. Morgan.

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Gabriela Natale: Absolutely. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in New York to keynote Jp. Morgan Chase, a global day of leadership, and it was. They have a couple of thousand people in person, and they have about twenty thousand people connecting from around the world. And as I was thinking about this engagement, you know. Sometimes

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Gabriela Natale: you start thinking, How can I customize to better serve this audience, or what are the adjustments that I have to do to bring value and to connect better with this audience. So one of the things that I ask myself is, I always dance, you know, when I do my keynotes, and and I always like to bring a lot of my personality, and not just the tools. But I mix humor, and I mix. Ah emotions.

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Gabriela Natale: And I said, like this is a financial sector, so probably it's going to be more conservative in my mind. This is what I had as a prejudice. So Maybe it's going to be more of a conservative audience, and I don't know how they are going to react with all the colors and the dancing.

00:14:39.820 --> 00:14:44.820
Gabriela Natale: And Then I also saw how can I customize it? And I said, like

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Gabriela Natale: this is people who hire me, not in spite of who I am, but because of who I am, and that is such an important thing. To realize. Whoever is already interested in you is not in spite of who you are or your message. It is because of who you are and your message. So what I did is

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Gabriela Natale: I commissioned like an ah special remix to get there to Ah! To really start with a lot of energy and twenty five seconds of dancing which they loved because we were coming from a virtual ah session before. So the energy of the room completely changed. I kept my colors, was dressed in red and pink at the same time, and kept one hundred percent of my personality, and what I thought was the core of my message and my style.

00:15:34.310 --> 00:15:52.049
Gabriela Natale: I was such a big hit that really made me think so much about the importance of not making assumptions first about your audience, because you may think a certain industry or certain people are one way or another, and they are not,

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Gabriela Natale: and the second one is like, If you are trying to change who you are, to please each audience, which is something different than customizing, not customizing, but changing the core of who you are for each audience. It's like going to a restaurant where they have a specialty and let's say the specialty is cheesecake, and then people are going to that restaurant because they love a cheesecake, and they hear the cheesecake was wonderful,

00:16:18.890 --> 00:16:20.860
and you are serving

00:16:21.210 --> 00:16:40.639
Gabriela Natale: something else, and you are serving. Ah, I don't know sandwich, and so like I came here for the cheesecake. But why are you bringing me a sandwich? It's crazy, But that's sometimes what happens when we're starting to second guess ourselves. So that's why i'm so happy that I went one million, which which

00:16:40.650 --> 00:16:52.139
Jane Atkinson: ah, with the things I believed were the best to serve that audience. I love that authenticity coming through bringing your whole self. And how often have we thought,

00:16:52.150 --> 00:17:11.170
Jane Atkinson: Oh, you know this is a really, you know, buttoned up corporate audience suits and ties. I better be this way. But you know what they're hiring you for you. So be you. I think that is such a really important message for today, and the fact that

00:17:11.180 --> 00:17:39.270
Jane Atkinson: J. You know you're blowing up Times Square with Jp. Morgan Chase was just a beautiful thing. Now, one of the things I want to mention is, if you all are are watching this on Youtube, you're actually seeing Gabby's studio that's behind her. She is actually an Emmy award winning television host as well talk a little bit about your studio and winning, and not just one, Amy. Is it? Two,

00:17:39.280 --> 00:17:50.319
Jane Atkinson: three, three? Yeah. This is crazy. Okay. So talk a little bit about your studio and what all you have done in terms of kind of Tv.

00:17:50.330 --> 00:18:02.639
Gabriela Natale: Well, I always say that discomfort is our wake up Call to Pioneer, and that is exactly what happened to me. I was working in Tb. First as an employee, and I

00:18:02.990 --> 00:18:20.829
Gabriela Natale: I realised that I was pushed to be put in one of these two media persona stereotypical ones, media personal Number one. It's the hyper sexualised Latina, the sexy reporter, who is usually assigned to entertainment and weather that was not me,

00:18:20.840 --> 00:18:40.420
Gabriela Natale: and the second one was like this formal new san core with a deep boys and a robotic delivery. And it was not me because i'm spontaneous, but I realized that if I wanted to move forward in the path that I had there. They were expecting for me to embody someone that I was not,

00:18:40.430 --> 00:18:51.570
Gabriela Natale: and I could do it. I was able to do it if I wanted to. But in the way of doing that I will be somebody who is very unhappy.

00:18:51.580 --> 00:19:20.470
Gabriela Natale: I don't want to be. I want to be. I want to be me. I want to bring all that I am to whatever i'm doing. So I quit my job as new sanctuary. Everybody told me that I was crazy, but I created my own media company, agon or Media, and I credit that decision with everything that happened next the three Emmys the possibility of becoming a published author, first, Latina and Harper Collins, and this career. Ah, say, Speaker, because it all comes

00:19:20.480 --> 00:19:50.280
Gabriela Natale: from a place of truth from a place of I always say the difference between emulator and pioneer emulator is somebody who looks around. See what everyone else is doing, and then want to set the future goals based on someone else's past result. You want to emulate their achievements, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if we all emulate our best case. Scenario is the status quo. Everything is going to stay the same

00:19:50.290 --> 00:19:52.550
if we all emulate.

00:19:52.570 --> 00:20:06.449
The second choice is what I call the pioneer spirit to pioneer. It starts in the same way. You look around, see what everyone like you is doing, but only this time

00:20:06.460 --> 00:20:28.429
Gabriela Natale: you open yourself up to the possibility of doing something no one else like you has done before you open yourself up to the possibility of being a pioneer, and that's what I did. Unconsciously, in that moment. I didn't want it to be the sexy one. I didn't want it to be the foreman New San core. I wanted to be who I was,

00:20:28.440 --> 00:20:46.169
Gabriela Natale: and I always say, and this is not just for the speaking industry, but for every industry. Every industry has blind spots and the flip side of a blind spot is a wide space of opportunity.

00:20:46.180 --> 00:21:15.740
Gabriela Natale: So wherever you're working, whatever you're doing, think about one. What is the Blind Spot that you're seeing, and the second one, what is the white space of opportunity? And if you p on near and get there first, you're going to have so many more opportunities, because, instead of finding with each other for that single opportunity that everybody wants to get, you are going to open a new space for yourself that you can claim as your own. And that was exactly what happened with my own career.

00:21:15.780 --> 00:21:28.240
Jane Atkinson: Oh, I love that! I love that and here's statistics just keep growing uh two thousand and eighteen people. Magazine named you one of the twenty-five most powerful Latinas.

00:21:28.250 --> 00:21:40.040
Jane Atkinson: You have fifty-two million that's with an M. People views on Youtube, two hundred and fifty thousand followers on social media.

00:21:40.190 --> 00:21:55.410
Jane Atkinson: You have built an empire for yourself, and I just. I. I just want you to bask in that for a second, and that go. Yeah, Actually, I have really done that. What do you think

00:21:55.420 --> 00:22:11.489
Jane Atkinson: uh we'll talk about Youtube, just for a second. Two hundred and fifty million views, or sorry fifty-two million views. What was the uh was there one thing in particular that went viral for you on Youtube? Or is it just been all accumulation of them?

00:22:11.500 --> 00:22:28.690
Gabriela Natale: But it's It's funny, because I always joke that I would love to say that I was this visionary when I started my Youtube Channel, and that I saw the future of technology because I started uploading content. I think it was in the year two thousand

00:22:29.220 --> 00:22:48.060
Gabriela Natale: nine, two thousand and seven. So it's a while ago. But in all Honestyj and I have to be honest, I wanted my mother to see my videos in Argentina, and the easiest way for me I mean. The files were so big I started uploading my work in Youtube so that my mother could see it on the other side of the world,

00:22:48.070 --> 00:23:05.610
Gabriela Natale: and it started to take a life on its own. I didn't know if it was private, public, unlisted like I I was not that sophisticated with like the privacy settings. So I started uploading what I was doing, so that my mother could see it in Argentina, and all of a sudden a lot more people

00:23:05.970 --> 00:23:25.599
Gabriela Natale: people other than my mother started watching it comments. Ah, and I don't think there's a particular, I mean, there are some videos that have more traction than others. But I would say it's a combination, you know It's a combination of being intentional throughout the years, and

00:23:25.890 --> 00:23:55.129
Gabriela Natale: and really sharing something that I felt, you know was of value with many audience, because I never chased what was hot in the moment. I never chased Whatever were the you know, the bass works or the best topics of the moment. Whenever I had a conversation or an interview with someone. It was always what I cared to offer to my audience, which is, what is your journey? Tell me how you overcame adversity. Tell me what are, what were the things that you learned?

00:23:55.140 --> 00:24:07.009
Ah! Throughout your journey, whether it is the Pak Chopra, Carlos Santana, the queen of Telenovela Stalia, so many different people who sometimes they get asked

00:24:07.020 --> 00:24:15.590
Gabriela Natale: other type of questions. But for me is, tell me about your journey, your setbacks, and how you overcame it, and how we can learn from that.

00:24:16.100 --> 00:24:18.639
Jane Atkinson: I love it. I love it.

00:24:18.660 --> 00:24:27.700
Jane Atkinson: So let's talk just for a second here before we wrap up about some of the current work that you're doing. This is brand new.

00:24:27.710 --> 00:24:44.519
Jane Atkinson: Ah, you are putting together, and we've talked them through these packages. Ah, you've got a contract with a very large cosmetics company that everybody would know. And why did they want you? And what are you helping them achieve?

00:24:44.840 --> 00:24:57.920
Gabriela Natale: So yes, I have this this big contract with this global Cosmetic Company that has twenty-three brands that I love all of them.

00:24:57.930 --> 00:25:13.190
Gabriela Natale: But what I am seeing not just in this company. But I work with many corporations is that there is a new wave of vibrant leaders, vibrant and diverse leaders who need tools

00:25:13.200 --> 00:25:25.310
Gabriela Natale: and needs training need to break barriers, and they somehow are finding ways of being what they cannot see yet in the world. But

00:25:25.410 --> 00:25:54.020
Gabriela Natale: the the leadership trainings that many times they have are taught by people or programs that do not resemble their experience. So there are things that are never discussed like Accentism, for example, that many of us have to face, or about being the first one in your family in a corporate environment, or you know so many things that have to do with upward social mobility and breaking barriers

00:25:54.030 --> 00:26:19.029
Gabriela Natale: that are not usually addressed in conventional leadership programmes. That's why I created not just the keynote pioneers, but also the pioneers leadership program for this new diverse environment wave of leaders who are in themselves pioneers in their workplaces. I love that, and I think that

00:26:19.040 --> 00:26:43.540
Jane Atkinson: i'm hoping that you know a few more years from now. Maybe not a decade, but a few more years from now Representation will be seen at the boardroom level and the C suite that there will be more uh a more diverse group of people other than the middle aged white guy that we have. Yes, well, in terms of gender. We have a long way to go as well. Yes, yes, exactly,

00:26:43.550 --> 00:27:02.880
Gabriela Natale: Gabby. Where should people connect with you if they are curious to learn more about you? Would you like them to go to your website or connect with you on one of the social media? What is the best way? Absolutely my website?

00:27:02.890 --> 00:27:31.820
Gabriela Natale: And then at Gavinatale in every platform. Twitter. Ah, Instagram, um in Youtube, you can look for me. I open recently a tik tok account. You know i'm not your most um experienced tiktoker, but i'm getting there. So I try to experiments with all different types of platforms, because we always want to be um, You know, seeing what happens in the moment. Yes, current

00:27:31.930 --> 00:27:50.539
Jane Atkinson: pioneers, I love that. Thank you so much for coming on the show and for sharing your story, and I think the authentic voice that you bring to it is going to be really refreshing for people, and I hope that people will

00:27:50.550 --> 00:28:10.489
Jane Atkinson: be encouraged to be pioneers themselves. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate this pace and all your guidance in the speaking world. Jane. Thank you so much, and everyone connect with me don't be shy. Thank you so much, everybody, for listening. We will see you all these speakers bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

Gaby has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC News, Univision and Latino Leaders magazine. In 2018, People magazine named her one of the “25 Most Powerful Latinas,” highlighting the inspirational story of how she went from a local TV show that started out of a carpet warehouse to becoming the only Latina in US history to win triple back-to-back Daytime EMMYs. In the digital world, she has a thriving fan base with over 52 million views on YouTube and 250K+ followers on social media. She really is a pioneer!

If you could use some great ideas on breaking barriers and being authentic, as well as inspiration on not giving up, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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